Alpha 14.7 Stable Is Out!

  • Alpha 14.7 Official Release Notes


    Crunched texture setting causes some terrain to render wrong colors to map
    Connected support beam blocks are z-fighting
    LOD changes colours on car windows and rims
    Brass Faucets have different colors in preview and when placed
    Forge particle effect causes performance drop
    Player death animation not showing on drop all/delete all on death
    Grown maple trees have their full hit points and resources
    Shadows are showing up as 3D objects
    Counter and Counter Around Sink are different textures
    EAC update (fixes code certificate signature checks on older system)
    Mismatched specular cutout atlas
    Fire particles for the forge are pink (missing texture)
    Servers don’t save time on crash/improper shutdown
    Treasure quest loot can fall through terrain
    InvalidCastException when another player has arrows in toolbelt and scrolls through them
    Player is able to upgrade blocks without required resources
    Supply crate may land out of the user’s reach
    Zombies have a chance of walking on one leg
    Fixed collision to glass pane prefab
    Colored items are missing their color overlay in crafting menus
    Reentering session with active crafting causes crafted item SFX to be audible outside of crafting menu
    Buffwindow disappears when clicking on buff after inspecting item
    Mining Helmet flashlight’s bulb is not bright when flashlight is on and player sits on the Minibike
    When the Minibike has blocks above it it flies up when player is coming back to its chunk
    Destroyed loot containers never dropping their contents when destroyed
    Minibike’s name does not update
    Pressure Plate resource exploit
    Water cook times are inconsistent
    Player may have endless coal supplied by destroying and rebuilding burned blocks
    Cobblestone ramps may change rotation when upgraded to concrete
    Minibike IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range
    During gameplay loot/item pickup becomes difficult up close
    Multiplayer kills show as “player died”
    Medicine skill effects dont show on items or buffs
    Minibike jumps on the water surface or shakes in the waterfall
    Minibike causing insane damage to players


    Game Launcher (currently only used when manually run from 7dLauncher.exe with SHIFT pressed or when selecting „Show game launcher“ from Steam start options)
    32 and 64 bit builds for Windows in the same download, switching done through the game launcher
    Added size check for specular textures on atlas creation

    Known issues

    Chang’s head is too dark on linux
    No longer used cobblestoneramp rotations may result in a faulty mesh

    Known OS / crash issues

    OSX: Default build crashes, use the latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.
    OSX with Intel GPU and most likely some Linux systems with Intel GPU: black terrain
    OSX: Might be seeing some kind of “checkerboard” graphics. Try latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.
    Linux with AMD GPU and proprietary driver: Might still crash on launch. If so for some people running the game with “-force-gfx-direct” fixes this (add the parameter to the launch options in Steam). Alternatively if performance is good enough the open source driver should fix this too.
    Linux: Crashes due to not being able to use PulseAudio. Might be fixed with this build.
    Windows with NVIDIA GPU: driver versions 34x.xx are causing crashes when entering games. If there are no newer drivers for your card try using latest_experimental_u52 (stable_u52 when non-experimental released) build from Steam.


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