Alpha 15.1 Hits The Streets!

  • Hey Survivalist,
    We’ve just released Alpha 15.1 Patch. Which includes many important fixes, improvements and new additions including Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Profile Backgrounds and Emoticons.

    Also if you wanting to know more about our Progress on Alpha 16 check out Madmole’s Dev Blog with weekly updates.

    For those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Also wiping your player profile data might be helpful. To delete the saved game and player profile data delete all files and folders that reside here: C:\Users\yourName\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie


    Added: Steam trading card support and content
    Added: Steam badge support and content
    Added: Steam profile background support and content
    Added: Steam emoticon support and content
    Added: Logging of lost package count on UNET
    Added RSS output to the “Time:” log entries on Win/Linux
    Added: Wrote selected language to log
    Added harvest event to wood spikes


    Improved output of console command repairchunkdensity
    Zombie limb dismemberment rebalanced
    Player need more XP to reach the higher levels
    Set Camera clipping near plane back to 0.1 (was 0.15) to avoid cheating by clipping camera through walls. Please check if you can clip terrain and look for z-fighting on road decor and distant terrain water in random gen
    Slight audio pitch shift difference between entities and player + a tiny random shift for variation
    AudioSource footsteps adjusted for better spacial awareness and close range zombies
    AudioSource_Creatures tweak for better distance differences
    Impact audio sources updated for better distances
    Prop shaders spec updated to match Unity standard – better lighting
    Damaged wood spikes only need to be repaired once
    Zombie cops have a vulnerability
    Increased hit points of vending machines


    Remove Player Spawns in the Wasteland
    Duplicate any item in zombie corpse
    When new players join a dedi the gamestage recalculates, gives only 1 zed each
    Area protected by invisible land claim block
    Viewing the map preview tool after creating a save game causes issues
    Drowning Sounds Missing
    Viewing the map preview tool after creating a save game causes issues
    Weapon attached flashlights project a wrong shadow of part of the gun
    Ammo amount indicator does not appear after respawning while wielding a weapon.
    XInput spam on some dedicated servers
    Spending Skill Points Journal Entry added only after completing Basic Survival Quest.
    Zombiespawn is triggered in owned POI by players w/o bedroll in it
    Crafting queue does not advance after slot is cancelled
    Dupe assembly items with sorting button.
    Several clothing pieces are missing their texture on Linux/Mac (Sheen)
    Pickup of stone shovel
    Pistol cannot be picked up after being dropped
    Wrongfully closed/opened traders
    Player interactions not alerting zombies MP,SP,Dedi
    Dupe items using full backpack and lootcontainer
    Zombie pathing not working right with catwalk stairs and catwalks
    Clientside-NRE when shooting zombies with AK on dedi
    Launcher gives error when the config is corrupted
    Campfire Dupe from forum and youtube find
    Zombie Miner invisible spots on face
    Audio getting cut off before finished
    Solve issue for CSC walking away unharmed from running zombies
    Horde groups can spawn a wider selection of zombies (as intended)
    High server load when Telnet connection is force closed by client
    Burnt zombie audio attached to audio manager audio source instead of on the particle effect. Now has a better falloff range.
    Smooth melting snow between biomes, SSAO between fog ranges, and smoothed fog shader updates.
    Switch to 7DTD shader for workbench, chem station, and vending machines with update lighting added so AO, weather, and fog work on them.
    Gravel paths (to ore veins) do not show in the snow biome.
    Increase time between UMA zombie spawns during bloodmoon
    Vending machines are limited to a x8 claim modifier
    Zombiecorpses cause invisible collision pillars when moved
    Mining helmet too bright fix (change intensity from 2 to 1)
    Using kill me results in the gamne getting stuck in the death anim
    Wrong burn value of hay bales
    Updated some networking related messages
    Corrected typo in gamestages so that the game now uses “8” instead of the default “8”
    Not all arrows and bolts are using proper ballistic arcs
    Minibike book pretends to teach wheels recipe
    Fixed female long hair
    Fix for POI spawner triggering immediate respawn when player left the area, comes back after 5 days and kills all zombies.
    Traders sell wrench and claw hammer schematics
    You can place a block inside a corn plant, overwriting it
    You can plant a crop seed on top of the one you just planted, wasting it
    Beer sign is missing economic value

    Known Issues

    Known issue: UMA zombies are missing the HeadGore bone, this needs to be added to correctly show the flesh cap on the neck when the head is removed
    Some rare duping methods still exist.


    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.