• Hey everyone,

    This patch adds hotkey item selection. You can now place your backpack onto the crafting mat, and assign weapons or items to one of four slots outside of backpack which can be used for quick selection.

    For multiplayer, we improved chat visibility, and added 3 new vest and 3 new hoodie clothing variations

    We added a new late game cannibal type, these are more powerful than the regular cannibals and wear masks made from skin of plane passengers. We also added more cannibals to the villages around the world, and added a new check box for creative mode which will allow you to turn on/off enemies whenever you want.

    Along with this we fixed a bunch of bugs, especially with regards to how traps work, Added in a new bone arrow type, Improved some animations for multiplayer characters, made items in inventory easier to select by improving their collision and lots more, the full list visit below.



    Suitcases around the plane crash site no longer respawn
    Snow now lands on water in the north area instead of going through
    Frost damage will no longer occur while player is jumping or actively climbing a rope
    Fixed spoilt oysters not drop-able from the inventory
    Updated armor mannequin stealth armor model
    Fixed a couple rare errors that could prevent a few wall chunks from showing up in saves that suffered data loss after a patch
    Fixed painted cannibal leader switching to wrong texture on death
    Fixed animals moving at different speeds depending on current frame rate
    Fixed arrows sometimes floating when shot into terrain
    Fixed skin animal animation sometimes not playing if skinning is started immediately after picking up a spear
    Improved support for updating greeble zones data from old saves, should prevent cases of deprecated data causing error spam and causing severe lag
    (Multiplayer) Frost damage will no longer be applied to players who are in a downed state
    (Multiplayer) Moved chat to the left of the screen to avoid overlapping with building ingredients
    (Multiplayer) Added a dark backing to the chat to improve readability
    Traps will now correctly load to the correct state
    Traps will now restore to correct state after being repaired
    (Multiplayer) Fixed some issues with noose trap visuals for clients not syncing
    New gameplay option: Allow Enemies (Creative mode only)
    Fixed drop spoilt food option in inventory not available on food that was picked up already spoilt
    Fixed bed missing collision and bed not being repairable
    Caves – fixed some small holes/gaps
    Trapped animals remain in traps after save/load
    Fixed Squirrels and Lizards not always being inside trap when caught
    Added new late game mutant tribe wearing skinned face masks
    New arrow type: Bone arrows! Combine 1 stick + 5 Feathers + 5 bones to create 5 bone arrows
    New item quick select feature. Combine weapons on the crafting mat with the backpack to assign. Default keys are 1, 2, 3 and 4 on keyboard. Holding “AltFire” (block) while playing on a gamepad now switches the D-pad to quick select item slots
    Fixed enemies floating over spikes or moving when caught in the happy birthday trap
    (Multiplayer) Added new clothing: Vest with 3 texture variations
    Fixed upgrading weapons not cleaning up everything correctly causing other items around or on the crafting to be hard to target afterwards
    (Multiplayer) Improved walking and running animations on other players when holding all types of weapons
    Player no longer reaches for an arrow after firing the bow with no more arrows in backpack
    Fixed enemies using wrong burnt texture when dropped on a fire
    Fixed creepy enemies switching to burnt texture when hit with a flying axe attack
    Player dropped logs now spawn slightly away from player to prevent physics interaction issues
    Fixed poison arrow effects not being applied to enemies correctly
    Fixed sticky bombs not attaching to enemies or animals
    Fixed tortoises sometimes not going into their shell when hit
    (Multiplayer) Fixed birds sometimes not playing flying animation for clients
    Fixed player incorrectly blocking if block is pressed immediately after picking up a spear
    Fixed player able to continue repair hammer attacks even after switching to another weapon
    Fixed player not attaching to rope properly if rope trigger was underwater
    Cave9 – added more sound effects, and more stalactite models
    Added more cave fish to cave water zones
    Fixed clients not dealing correct damage from flying axe attack
    Fixed saving of items added to metal doors weights
    Fixed log sled glitching through terrain if grabbed and holding logs at the same time
    Fixed spears and arrows not sticking into some large tree stumps around the world
    (Multiplayer) Fixed arrows collected from bodies not being removed for other players
    Fixed animals sometimes not being caught in traps
    Fixed some stippling settings on some large logs/dead wood
    Replaced damaged buildings 3D icons by 2D versions
    Fixed jumping into water while lighting a cloth wrapped weapon causing lighter interactions to break
    (Multiplayer) Fixed a case of player variation not initializing at start of game
    Fixed player not disconnecting from treehouse rope if treehouse was destroyed
    Fixed player not disconnecting from raft oar properly if raft was destroyed
    (Multiplayer) Added new clothing: Hoodie with 3 texture variations
    Improved accuracy of hovering detection for some items in inventory
    First 4 weapons/projectiles equipped are automatically added to quick select free slots
    Fixed saving & loading exploded rocks walls in caves
    (Audio) Added break wood sfx when fires are destroyed
    Fixed plane recording wrong position sometimes in new games

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.