• V0.56

    New bone pile art added
    (Multiplayer) Fixed stand up after being revived animation not playing for other players
    (Multiplayer) Fixed skinny cannibal swing stick animation not playing for clients
    New particles for: flare, dynamite and held fire stick
    Fixed enemies sometimes blocking player movement when killed
    Improved animations throughout end game cut scenes and enemies
    Increased chance of enemies investigating large player built bases
    Fixed enemies sometimes able to climb structures built over water
    Fixed enemies sometimes not drowning when underwater
    Fixed enemies able to see through player built walls
    Improved light dynamite animation
    Fixed being able to throw dynamite during light dynamite animation
    Fixed enemies sometimes launching player through the air during combat
    (Multiplayer)Fixed some issues with meat left on fires after saving and loading not syncing correctly
    Flare and dynamite textures improved
    Fixed player able to get tree sap by hitting tree with severed arm or leg
    Fixed player able to see down neck when sitting on a bench
    Fixed player moving at wrong speed when climbing walls at very low fps
    New abandoned small wood boat art (replaces placeholder art)
    New burnt creepy enemy textures, and new graded textures/better resolution and better balanced regular, blue and dead textures
    Improved particles when hitting trees and added fine particle dust effect
    It is no longer possible to use quick select while swimming/on rope/driving raft
    Flashlight will no longer be replaced with lighter when loading a save whilst holding flashlight
    Added fail safe in inventory when loading a save to prevent losing an item if an issue occurs while restoring an equipped item
    Fixed an issue of first time equipping through quick select stashing back the item and returning to previously held item
    (Multiplayer) Quick select items selection is now preserved after respawning
    Added a fail safe to prevent the lighter system to never reset if a race condition causes it to be in a wrong state
    (Multiplayer) Fixed dropping spoilt oysters
    Trapped enemies in happy birthday, Noose and Dead Fall traps, are saved and loaded. (loaded enemies in noose trap will always load in dead)
    It is no longer possible to build structures attached to traps
    Added new yacht sail art (replaces placeholder art)
    Snow blowing effects added to snowy area of map
    Added sound effect to flare lit held
    Added new incandescent texture to lit flare and new lit dynamite wick
    New cut trunk ends art!(replaced placeholder art)
    Fixed enemies sometimes triggering animal traps causing them to vanish or error
    (Performance) Added pooling system to quick item selection views to reduce memory usage
    Fixed items like herbs missing SFX when assigned to quick select
    Targeting quick select assignment cogs on backpack now works the same regardless of monitor resolution
    Assigning an item to a quick select slot, if it is already assigned to a different slot will change its assignment to the newly assigned slot
    Stick, rock, pouch and repair tool can now be assigned to quick select
    Fixed catapult not properly receiving damage hits
    Increased amount of pooled animals to fix issue where animals would vanish from traps if you had several traps (may still occur with very high number of traps)
    (Multiplayer) Fixed fire not saving it’s lit state on server when loading
    Fixed hole in title scene cave walls visible on ultra wide monitors
    It no longer rains inside the shipping containers
    Fixed timing of start/stop walkman sometimes not synced to animation of pressing button
    Fixed hoodie outfit popping off sometimes on player when looking up and down
    Fixed splash particles when hit with spear looking overly dark
    Caves- fixed some cave areas where players can fall through collision
    Assigning quick select is now done with the “AltFire” button (right click with K/M) when hovering the little cogs to make it consistent with pressing on the large cog
    (Multiplayer) Fixed game locking up if trying to add more than 6 different items to the metal tray
    (Multiplayer) Fixed trade system not always properly disabled after use making long range trades possible
    (Multiplayer) Fixed revive system not always properly disabled after use making long range revives possible
    (Multiplayer) Fixed metal door not properly initializing for clients when first joining a game preventing items already placed on the weight from showing up
    Pedometer now saves the steps walked when you save the game
    Removed visibility of non-equipment items on backpack quick select.
    Flares now turn off when entering water and switch to dead flare material
    Fixed pedometer screen vanishing when partially underwater
    Fixed enemies not spawning in caves if client loaded into a cave with host being outside in the overworld
    Added new foot step particles to player on snow, sand and some leafy surfaces
    Fixed stashing lighter while holding a lightable item in right hand causing circle filling icon to remain visible
    Lowered place distance of the rock swing trap, fixed ghost being away from completed trap position
    When placing stairs while a new chunk can be locked, it automatically locks it before placing
    It is now possible to lock a 1 log wide stairs chunk
    Fixed platform part of stairs not registering hits
    Improved look of fire smoke particles
    Rock swing trap now properly saves the attached tree ID and also preserves it when rearmed (not retroactive)
    Arrows hitting a partially cut down tree now remain attached to the tree
    Right-click will now cancel the arrow draw and preserve the arrow
    Fixed missing splash particle when using upgraded spear in water
    Fixed getting hit while opening Survival book with ignitables equipped breaking camera
    Caves – Fixed broken swimzone in Cave 1 hallway
    (Multiplayer) Fixed rabbits not appearing white in snow area for clients
    (Multiplayer) Fixed positions of all items on metal tray!
    Changed order of offscreen particle rendering to account for image effects on main camera such as tone mapping and bloom
    Fixed bow looking distorted when placed on weapon rack
    Bon fire icons are now dynamically positioned to solve the visibility issue
    Fixed caught fish flickering in traps
    (multiplayer)Fixed some exploded cave in areas not syncing correctly between players
    Missing repair tool icon no longer shows up when building ingredient icons are visible
    Lit dynamite will be removed from hand now when placing it on a tree
    Unlit dynamite can be placed on trees
    Switched rendering BRDF to GGX

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com

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