• V0.57 Changelog:

    Fixed being unable to pick up fish killed with weapons other than spear
    (Multiplayer) Fixed animals not spawning snow particles
    Improved look of kicked up sand/dust particles
    Added snow burst particle when walking into and hitting snow bushes
    (Multiplayer) Smoothed movement on several dynamic projectiles, fixes stuttering look when viewing other players throw molotovs/bombs
    (Multiplayer)Fixed player net holding old flare particle
    Fixed player exiting chairs at wrong position during end game section
    Fixed survival book sometimes not opening properly while blocking and fixed book sometimes opening at wrong screen position when cold
    Blocked quick select usage during in game cut scenes
    Enemies no longer sometimes hit other enemies when targeting structures
    Fixed enemies not able to target player when attacking and caught in a noose trap
    Fixed player clipping through enemies that are caught in noose trap
    Fixed enemies hit by cowman turning burnt and exploding
    Audio – Opening Plane and other sequences now mixed in surround sound
    Audio – Cave Reverberation made less bass heavy
    Audio – Hitting rocks in caves now has reverberation
    Audio – rain sounds more varied and smoother and more surrounding
    Audio – Shipping container area given unique plastic audio event
    Audio – Animal skinning animation sequence now has unique sound event
    Audio – Added flapping wings sound for crows flying
    If enemies lose sight of a player going into a structure, they will now more often attempt to break down the walls blocking the way
    Particulate matter now appears when player is underwater
    Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling incorrectly when burning to death
    Fixed enemies being unable to see player through built windows
    (Multiplayer) Fixed wood chop particles missing visually on other players chopping trees
    Improved look of sapling 5 and replaced with new billboard
    Fixed player sometimes unintentionally doing tree chop animation when swinging melee weapon near a tree
    Improved transition between tree cut sections and tree models
    Added cash as a fueling option for fires (Previously it would only fallback to cash when out of leaves)
    Fixed some more climb down areas in caves with wrong lod setting/popping off too soon
    Fixed issues with skinning animals and holding walkman causing walkman to be reset
    Fixed animals sometimes rolling away from player while being skinned
    Fixed held log hand animation sometimes being slow to respond after picking up a log
    (Multiplayer) Fixed clients able to cut down trees with the climbing axe
    Fires, Drying rack , Armor mannequin, Skin rack, food holders, weapon rack, explosive holder, stick, rock and log holders, arrow and bone baskets, and gardens all have a new UI
    Players and enemies can no longer run up the sides of cannibal huts
    Players can no longer carry or pick up dead bodies while swimming
    Fixed arrows sometimes going underneath terrain if shot directly downwards
    Fixed running while crouching speed being applied inconsistently
    Fixed player able to fast climb ropes with no stamina
    Wearing cold armor now also increases the delay in between frost damage hits up to 4 times at full armor
    New “home” icon UI on shelters, cabins and bed. Select a tinted icon to have the icon visible in world or the faded icon to hide the icon
    Fixed enemy bodies not falling down if floor was destroyed/removed
    Fixed player getting thrown up in air if standing over a rock supply cache when it explodes
    (multiplayer)New player hair/beard model and shader added
    Blood now accumulates on all player clothing variations
    Fixed dropped logs not colliding with log sleds
    It is no longer possible to duplicate items by spamming take/add weapon on rack
    Player can no longer take damage while at max cold armor and will even defrost if equipping full cold armor while already frozen
    Fixed enemies sometimes snapping to new position if falling down dead very close to a wall
    Fixed trees sometimes spinning around wildly when blown up with explosives
    Caves- fixed holes in Cave 2 and 10
    Caves – new waterfalls added
    Added new icons for pickups in world and for inventory
    (Multiplayer) Mixed some forced variation to the randomness of the player skin and clothing rolls
    Optimized animal and enemy traps to only spawn in nearby caught animals and enemies instead of loading in all of them to improve memory use in large saves
    (Multiplayer) Fixed picking up items in suitcase while full causing it to duplicate as host or remain floating in the air as client

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

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