• V0.58 Changelog:

    Added new home icon UI to tree houses
    Updated boar model + texture
    Players no longer intersect each other when sitting on a bench
    (Multiplayer) Only 2 players can sit on a bench at one time now
    Fixed enemies sometimes losing texture/material when killed
    Added look around animations when players are sitting on a bench or chair
    Weapons are now put away when sitting on a bench
    New stealth meter icon
    New unlock door icon (when door is locked)
    Reduced amount of hits needed to chop down maple trees
    Tweaked stealth values, player is now more visible when holding a light
    New construction UI
    Players can no longer spam jump to get up vertical cliff faces around the world
    Enemies will now react to seeing the players torch light at night and in caves
    Player now collects turtle meat when skinning a turtle, leaving the shell behind
    Fixed wrong attack animation sometimes playing when attacking with a bird on player hand
    Fixed some rocks around cave entrances being climbable with climbing axe
    New procedural buildings UI icons
    (Multiplayer) Fixed coop player sometimes falling through the floor when activating certain cutscenes in the end game
    (Multiplayer) Fixed clients sometimes not seeing many birds compared to host
    (Multiplayer) Fixed dropping logs as client sometimes shooting the player up into the air
    Fixed dynamic objects getting stuck underneath newly built gardens, causing player to be knocked into the air when walked over
    Roof ghost now turns red during the lock height phase while height isn’t valid
    Fixed unlocking bridge anchors with right click
    Added new rain refractive particle, and new cave drips
    (Audio)Further tuned audio to work better in surround sound
    (Audio) Fixed modern axe playing incorrect impact sound when hitting plane wreckage.
    (Audio) Tuned existing arrow impact sounds and added new arrow impact sounds for animals and mutants.
    (Audio) Added new arrow impact sounds for when arrows hit bushes, small trees and water surfaces.
    (Audio) Fixed mutant corpses playing wood foots and impact sounds when walked over and hit with various weapons.
    (Audio) Tuned volume for paddling sound event when on rafts and house boats.
    Fixed cases of dropped logs flying off when dropped close to other physics objects
    Improved collision on log sled when full of logs
    Added new hair to player crawling forward during coop plane crash cutscene
    (Multiplayer) Fixed amount of chops need to fell trees being different in multiplayer compared to singleplayer
    Added foam and splash particles when moving through water on rafts
    Fixed rabbit cage icons remaining visible if it gets destroyed while looking at it
    Fixed interacting with bonfire with nothing in the right hand
    Added a failsafe in case inventory was saved with some missing/destroyed inventory views so that it keeps functioning regardless
    Players can no longer climb through each other when climbing ropes
    Improved lod on plane cockpit and fixed some placement/texture issues with cockpit/pilots
    Fixed player movement getting locked sometimes when grabbling log sled while eating meat
    (Multiplayer) Fixed other players flares visible over survival book
    Fixed caged rabbits having synchronized animation
    Fixed cases of tortoises spawning underwater in north area of map
    (Multiplayer) Fixed wall toggle addition icon out of sync with current wall addition
    Fixed holders possibly leaving icons active behind after being destroyed
    (Multiplayer) Added 3 hair style variations to the original character
    (Multiplayer) Fixed toy parts and toy full positioning in tray
    Fixed Sapling 5 vertex colours
    Added a failsafe to ensure missing repair tool icon goes off when looking away from the structure
    (Multiplayer) Fixed restarting an endgame co-op session without restarting the game causing the endgame keypad door to not open for others
    (Multiplayer) Added clean up when finishing the game that should help with out of memory crashes that occurred when loading the epilogue

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

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