v0.59b Hotfix

  • -Fixed a bug where some structures would vanish on loading games
    -DS – Added a version check to servers. This will inform players if the dedicated server they are attempting to join is from a different release than the current build they are using. Players who see this message should make sure their game is up to date, or alternatively try a different server as server may not be up to date
    -DS – Connecting to a dedicated server now shows a client connecting message during the initial stages
    -DS – When attempting to connect to a server that is not configured correctly, players will now receive an error message and be returned to title screen
    -DS – Join server button on dedicated server has been renamed from ‘new’ to ‘join’
    -DS – Fixed basic fires not lightable by clients after loading into games
    -DS – Prevented dedicated server from saving quality presets
    -DS – Player list in game now shows amount of players in game

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