A16.1 b1 Patch is out!

  • A16.1 b1 Release notes:
    Note your save game should be ok upgrading from 16.0.

    Changed: All storage crate signs look more worn out and match
    Added some debug log for the stuck on creating player issue

    NRE picking up unconnected switches.
    DayNightLength of default=60 making server go to modded
    Vulture ignores Day 1 protection
    Water under navezgane mine

    Known Issues

    On-screen keyboard is only available if you start the game from Steam’s Big Picture Mode
    Smell is not working with the new stealth we will revisit it in a17
    Clipping issues with dire wolves
    Too many Airdrop crates spawning and crates spawning underground
    Throwing rocks does not distract zombies
    Trader Issues: Missing Trader, missing POI, odd hours, etc.
    GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
    Wet concrete not drying
    Sleeper spawning issues continue
    Game freeze on create player, but more information on it is welcome
    Out of Memory issue, please try reduce your texture quality to reduce RAM usage or try GLCore renderer as launcher option
    Farming of crops other than yucca and hops affects performance
    Zombies rotate on the ground before standing up
    Vultures sometimes fall through the world when killed high in the air.
    Precipitation and cold temp going through windows, glass blocks, doors, and hatches
    Corpse dupe is possible again
    Excessive use of trigger plates may cause servers to lag during hordes.
    Recipes are not updating live
    Bears may not attack properly on slopes
    Running zombies may be airwalking after ladder usage

    Quelle: https://7daystodie.com/forums/…182-A16-1-b1-Patch-is-out!

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