• V0.60 changelog:

    (Audio) Fixed bug where mutant body drop audio event was being triggered when dynamic mutant gameobject was switched for dummy prefab.
    (Audio) Revision of bow draw sound event timing to improve sync with animation.
    Updated breath bar sprite with new design
    Replaced dust on buildings that break apart
    Fixed soda cans sometimes appearing in the sky around the world
    Player now drops any held logs when skinning dead animals
    Fixed arrows spawning a duplicate when shooting seagulls
    Made top edge of sinkhole less slippery so players do not unintentionally fall in as much
    Fixed enemies not turning bloody when hit with spears or arrows
    Fixed teeth pickups not spawning when hitting enemies
    (Optimization) Completely removed motion blur cpu cost when running a dedicated server
    (Optimization)Reduced cpu usage when motion blur is disabled in options
    (Optimization) Improved performance of heavy, mid and low snow
    (Optimization) Reduced overall cpu usage when enemies are enabled on a dedicated server
    (Dedicated server) Fixed some spamming enemy errors in dedicated servers
    (Dedicated Server) Autosave is now only active if there are players connected to the server
    (Dedicated Server) Autosave is now triggered instantly when the last player leaves the server
    (Dedicated Server) Limited autosave time to 15 minutes minimum, and set default time to 30 minutes.
    (Dedicated Server) Dedicated server can now be downloaded, installed and launched without the steam client (see -nosteamclient option in guide)
    (Dedicated Server) Clients now know the game was saved server side, and see a “Server is saving the game” message if saving takes too long
    New damage balance on all structures. Stick structures are now noticeably weaker than bone, which are much weaker than stone. Defensive walls are now much stronger than regular walls. Also fixed issues with some structures being stronger than others for no reason
    Added first pass of translation system. This currently includes french language only. It is possible to copy translation files and replace the text values to create new translations – however more official translations will be coming in upcoming patch releases.
    Fixed player hair not visible in player shadow!
    (Performance) Now unloading some objects from the world while saving to free some memory up to help with crashes when saving on huge games
    (Multiplayer) Added 3 toque clothing variations
    Caves – replaced broken rope with slope in cave 9
    Setup new loading progress design
    Fixed some cut stumps using wrong/old textures
    (Multiplayer) Added new jacket, hoodie up, open shirt, closed shirt clothing variations
    Improved look of underwater bubbles from rebreather
    Caves – Fixed some misaligned rocks
    Caves – removed duplicate modern axe from Cave 7
    (Multiplayer) Added “Experimental” text to dedicated server source buttons in game browser to clarify the current state of the feature
    It is no longer possible to use refilling item when already at max capacity

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

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