• V0.61 changelog:

    (DS) Dedicated Steam server authentication added, allows performing security checks
    (DS) Connected players in dedicated servers should now be correctly listed
    (DS) Fixed issues with repairing custom foundations
    (Multiplayer) Fixed chainsaw engine SFX playing on remote players when out of fuel
    Improved hair model/texture on female cannibal types
    Fixed enemies sometimes spawning in the sinkhole on peaceful mode
    Added the yellow hammer overlay icon to all building ghosts that didn’t have it yet
    Fixed placing climbing rope sometimes not responding
    Fixed standing fires lacking collision
    Fixed bed, chair and table missing wood sfx when hit or walked on
    Ghost dock now performs an accurate presence check to prevent players from completing it while inside the model
    Improved construction icons positioning when inside larger structures
    Fixed wrong texture on cannibal leader skull lamps
    Fixed defensive wall placement missing the Fire1 action icon before locking the first point
    (DS) No longer attempting to hook with the Steam client, it is no longer needed to worry about launching the game first to have a server running on the same machine as the one running the game
    Fixed rotate icon missing during placement of nest-able structures (ie: wall planter) when not targeting a supporting structure
    Damaging foundations no longer distorts nested buildings (ie: a rope anchored to a gazebo)
    Fixed ghost Wall Planter, Wall Weapon Rack, Head Trophy, Ceiling Skull Lamp, Wood Bench and Sap Collector not turning red when not placeable
    Chainsaw fuel pickups no longer respawn (we actually missed one inside a tent that does respawn, the rest should not however)
    Increased chainsaw damage against enemies
    Fixed coop players sometimes sending wrong damage to certain structures
    Fixed some animation issues during end game cut scenes
    (Multiplayer) Reduced jitteriness of animal movement for client players
    (Translations) Fixed all HUD elements anchoring to allow proper positioning regardless of text size
    Fixed some end game assets being preloaded even if no players were in the end game section
    (Translations) Setup translation as overlay in most of the book
    Updated structure anchor icon, repair icons and re-arm trap icon to new design
    Custom foundations repair cost is now limited to 20 hammer hits regardless of damage sustained
    Updated Survival book texture in opening plane scene to display correct name
    Caves – Updated icons for cave entrances
    Optimized memory usage of various animation assets
    Fixed houseboat not saving HP
    Fixed drying rack leaving icons visible if destroyed while targeted
    Fixed dock walkway not receiving damage
    Stashing the current weapon no longer equips the previous (or default) weapon
    Device management screen no longer displays keyboard and mouse
    Input mapping system no longer separates settings between hardware types, all types are seen from the same screen and can be changed or set from there
    (Balance) Health regeneration after using meds or eating is now of 5hp/s in normal difficulty and 0.5hp/s in hard instead of instantaneous. A visual indicator displays the current target health value while health is regenerating
    Caves – Cleaned up cave 4 greebles and walls in main cavern
    Fixed players able to climb down very narrow gaps between structures while on rope
    Fixed player camera becoming offset if activating certain end game cut scenes while attacking with various weapons
    (Multiplayer) In-cave flag is now stored in player data, this will prevent the cave not loading properly issue for clients saving in caves around the sinkhole (not retroactive for saves already broken but compatible with working saves and prevents the issue from that point forward)
    (Multiplayer) Added several hair variations to the one of the multiplayer characters
    Fixed spec on red paint
    Lowered brightness of enemy drop down splash
    Fixed trapped enemies not dropping to ground if trap is destroyed
    (Multiplayer) Fixed player movement locked after being revived while sending a chat message
    Fixed issues with hint texts
    (Multiplayer) Fixed host camera shaking on plane when client first joins
    (UI) New title scene, options and pause menu designs

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

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