• V0.63 changelog:

    Fixed book opening on its own when plugging in a gamepad at runtime
    Fixed breath bar not decreasing when player first enters water
    Tweaked flag colors to better differentiate between green and blue
    Fixed hud not enabling if starting a game with it disabled
    Fixed baby enemies not appearing bloody when hit
    (multiplayer) Fixed blood not appearing to clean off for client characters weapons
    Fixed short procedural wall collision being slightly wrong
    Fixed issue where you could sprint infinitely by spamming the sprint key
    Fixed player blocks also blocking hits from behind
    (multiplayer) Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows
    (multiplayer) Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players
    (multiplayer) Fixed issue where fish trap could vanish if players went far away and then returned
    (multiplayer) Trapped Cave fish are now correctly synced between players
    Fixed issue with equip weapon animations interfering with open book animation
    Fixed some structures missing dust when broken apart
    (Performance)Optimized clothing and hair geometry on player
    Fixed certain endgame cutscenes breaking if player was attacking while activating the cutscene
    Fixed shooting arrows downward while standing on logsled causing player to fly up into the air
    Fixed picking up bodies in end game breaking player animation if spear was held in throw position
    (Audio) Added extra sounds for endgame boss
    (Audio) Made walking on glass a little louder
    (Audio) Tuned endgame boss audio events to fill the space better
    (Audio) Added blood drips to endgame
    (Audio) Added impact event for when arrow hits plane wreckage
    (Audio) Additional polish pass of ambient audio emitters in endgame area
    (Audio) Added new audio event for hitting dirt terrain with stick to keep consistent with other stick/spear weapons.
    (Audio) Added sound for pushing raft on ground and water.
    (Audio)Added body part impact sound events when male and female mutants are exploded.
    Fixed boats and rafts being able to be built on top of each other
    Fixed animation bug, if you attack while trying to drinking water
    Added collision to trapped enemies in saved games
    Fixed issue with enemy hit animations conflicting with being caught in noose trap
    (UI) Fixed XInput setting reset when opening the menu
    (Multiplayer) Prevent spamming take from food holders (and similar) as client from providing several of the item stored until host responds
    (Translation) Added missing translations keys in title scene, options menu, MP Screen, Hints, pause menu, items/meats inventory tooltips, todo list, tick off system, available recipes list
    (Translation) Fixed texts missing/capitalisation/formating in title scene, options menu, MP Screen, book for the French language
    (Translation) Added Spanish, Simplified Chinese an updated Portuguese
    (multiplayer) Fixed bug with generic meat on fire turning into small generic meat for client
    Added look down sights mode for flintlock!
    Hole cutter now properly clears out the yellow hammer on ghost structures
    Hole cutter no longer has issues when targeting ropes
    Added “Ghost building tint” option in gameplay/interface, allows picking one of white, blue, purple or green
    Added “Ghost building opacity” option in gameplay/interface
    New weapon added: Machete !
    Trapped enemies now load with correct props
    (Audio) Added placement sound when adding explosive to tree
    New building: Zipline ! Has 2 gates, place either one high up and the other below and at distance, it will procedurally create a rope in between.
    New building: Tree Zipline ! Both endpoints can be hooked to trees and optionally second end point can be hooked with terrain
    New building: Crane ! When placing it you have to first choose its bottom position then its height up to 4 stories high, it then cuts floors and removes structures in its way when placed. Takes small storage structures and can be used to transport logs and other items higher up.
    Fixed flare on crafting mat appearing lit when it wasn’t
    (Audio) Added new sound fx when raft is pushed
    Fixed turtle shell not making a sound when swung
    (Multiplayer) Fixed issues between MP player list, pause menu, book, and inventory screens
    (Multiplayer) Fixed players being able to interact whilst player list was active
    New building: Bird house! Once built will attract birds, who will likely drop feathers
    (Multiplayer) Fixed motion blur missing on some enemy types
    (DS) Fixed issue where enemy weapons could cause error spam
    Fixed issues with male pale enemies in noose trap
    Fixed issue where trapped enemies props could vanish
    (Multiplayer) Mutant dropped teeth pickup are now synced on host and client.
    (DS)Teeth now appear in dedicated server games
    (DS) Fixed turtles behaviour on dedicated servers.
    Pressing E to lock the first point of procedural buildings is no longer possible
    (DS) Fixed invalid password message not showing in some sessions when attempting to join with the wrong password.
    (DS) Fixed issues with incorrect material count on custom structures
    Weather system now prevents rain from showing up during the plane sequence
    (Caves)Fixed water zone in stalactite room
    (Caves)Fixed a couple areas you could get stuck in in the stalactite room and cavern room
    (DS) Fixed some issues with attempting to load regular multiplayer games into dedicated server games
    Fixed tree sap collector cutting leaves when attached to a tree
    New item added: tactical flashlight! Replaced old flashlight. Is much brighter and has a better 3d model.
    (DS) Fixed issues where errors would spam after exiting boss fight and attempting to load into server
    (Survival book)Moved Defensive Structures to last page of Traps section of book
    (Survival book)Added side numbers to sections of book that have more than one page
    (DS) Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burning animation on dedicated server games.
    (Performance) Massively reduced memory use taken up by defensive walls, and optimized a ton of other models to improve memory usage
    New building: Custom garden ! Replaces the legacy garden, amount of available grow spots based on its size. Ground with slope/holes will prevent from placing it really big
    New art added: crashed helicopter
    It is no longer possible to grow plants in garden while in caves
    (DS) Added network configuration diagnostic to help admins
    Fixed issue where stumps to trees would be instantly cut if using a chainsaw in single player games
    Fixed L to light prompt not always appearing on lightable items
    Fixed some small overlapping and intersecting items in plane
    Fixed some small gaps in world
    Herbal meds, and energy mixes now have fake drops, and will drop if you try and carry too many
    New buildings: Fireplace, Bone chair, Bone chandelier, Bone frame, Stick frame, Wood couch and Small table.
    It is now possible to have several structures on a single tree (for example, platform and zipline!)
    Fixed major issue with hud & pickups after completing last structure requiring bones
    Fixed building airborne structures in sinkhole locking to their max height
    Fixed grabbing rope in sinkhole sending player high up above terrain level

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

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