• v0. 64 changelog:

    Fixed some issues with logsled being harder to push
    Fixed save game timestamps not showing correct save time or correct amount of days survived
    Fixed equipping armor whilst holding flashlight causing player to revert to a 2 handed pose and when opening door animation plays
    Fixed tree stumps from old saves not being cuttable in newer builds
    Added in a hover effect for the main index tab in the survival book
    Added lobby is full message when the lobby is full for multiplayer
    Fixed crane sometimes trying to cut the floor right below when placed
    Crane properly ignores collision in view after locking first point (could turn red/unplaceable if looking at a tree for example)
    Fixed thrown spears losing ground collision after hitting an enemy or animal.
    Fixed attack input sometimes locked after firing flintlock and then switching to another weapon
    DS – Fixed tree regrow, allow building destruction, allow enemies in creative settings getting overridden on game start
    Fixed zip line structure not updating nav mesh correctly
    Walls, fences and affiliated can no longer be placed through trees
    Audio – Updated machete weapon sfx to be consistent with other weapons of similar type.
    Audio – Flintlock bullets now have impact sfx for plants, mutants, animals and other world objects.
    Audio – Added gore impact sfx for when exploding Armsy enemy type.
    Audio – Added sound event for applying mud
    Audio: Fix for the dynamic life buoy, now plays correct events when pushed on terrain and no longer triggers log hits when colliding with rocks.
    Audio: Updated enemy death animation audio tags.
    Fixed zipline ghost rope not fully covering entire length of the structure
    Fixed crane icon job when it cannot be placed & improved invalid placement detection
    Fix dead fall trap visibility in some angles.
    Fixed small campsite with some purple pots
    Fixed Temporary shelter, Log Cabin, and Skull lamp ghosts appearing as white outlines regardless of color setting in options
    Fixed issue with drinking water from lakes at extreme edges of waterline
    Fixed thirst and hunger warning messages not leaving screen even after drinking or eating
    Fixed terrain quality not applied when starting game
    Fixed missing cassette tape 5 + walkman combine recipe
    Machete can now be upgraded with teeth, booze or feathers !
    Balanced Machete to be faster and more effective at cutting bushes and saplings and can now also be used to chop trees
    Fixed log sled freaking out when placing dead bodies into it
    Fixed some small holes in caves
    Fixed dropping the leftmost fish in inventory spawning wrong prefab
    Crane now has a control trigger at the bottom and thus can be pulled down without being on the moving platform
    Walked steps are now only accounted for when player owns the pedometer
    Fixed some wrongly scaled bodies at camp sites
    (Translations) Added Czech, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish
    (Translations) Updated German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese
    (Translations) Improved error detection in languages, notably with popup texts which could retain the last selected language value if current one was wrong
    Fixed issues with settings of timmy’s toy crafting recipe possibly causing an error that would leave it in an invalid state
    Fixed a race condition in inventory and crafting logic allowing to craft item past the max amount (but not take it in inventory) by adding the product on crafting mat and then back in inventory
    Killing a held live rabbit gives you now both skin and meat
    Fixed translations positioning in stats page of book
    Caves – polish pass to Cave 10
    Fixed flashlight causing endgame glass to flashbrightly
    Fixed issue with enemy motion blur sometimes not correctly enabling
    Fixed crossing passengers off the manifest
    Fixed sled add item sfx not playing after moving sled
    Now also checking for the finish game achievement to unlock creative mode (so that it remains available for an account even when changing computer)

    Quelle: http://survivetheforest.com/

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