Alpha 16.4 Patch Is Out!

  • Official Alpha 16.4 Release Notes!


    Reduced walk weapons sway and bow sway
    Forge input now has a timer indicating how long until the current item is finished
    Players now trigger sleeper volumes from further away to avoid spawning seen by the player
    Put fix in place to skip corrupt sleeper volume savegame data.
    Some general improvements to zombie jumping


    Sleepers spawning in front of players as they are breaking into building
    Grass is getting snow cover inside buildings
    Snowpack shadow regression
    Solar cells won’t show on trader refresh.
    Red Mesa elevator shaft stability fix and other improvements.
    Turrets play double sounds for clients
    Roads generating as Clay, Dirt, Gravel and Sand
    Land Claim does not prevent placement of minibike chassis.
    SI Exploit for Rock Prefab
    Zombies don’t seem to be attacking animals
    Dupe method “destroying container”
    Duping with 2 people using containers
    KeyNotFoundException for sleeper volumes
    Problem that particle for paint brush was never removed and slowed down the game
    Fatbelly (sleeper spawn trigger) should not go vertical
    Sleeper volumes are not being restored properly
    Gamestage calculates offline days as survived days
    waste_rubble_bldg_07 sleeper spawning after POI is cleared
    OSX: Camera view jumping after interacting with containers
    Sleepers that die while laying down shouldnt stand up
    Bear animation is jittery when the bear turns
    Snakes are fire proof
    Block 614 sucks player into it
    Wire Tool wire disappears when switching tools after first time use
    Zombies cannot climb or break New 3D Ladders from the back side
    ArgumentException when trying to continue a game
    Savegame Crash: EndOfStreamException: Failed to read past end of stream.
    Zombies sometimes clip into the ground and blocks when they jump
    Force quiting the game when in respawn stage results in loss of crosshair etc

    Known Issues

    Onscreen keyboard is only available if you start the game from Steam’s Big Picture Mode
    Smell is not working with the new stealth we will revisit it in a17
    GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
    Farming of crops other than yucca and hops affects performance
    Precipitation and cold temp going through windows, glass blocks, doors, and hatches
    Excessive use of trigger plates may cause servers to lag during hordes.
    Gore block dup


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