DayZ Mod 1.9 Changelog

  • DayZ Mod 1.9 Changelog:

    New, DayZero enterable buildings provided by Tansien and Zac
    New, Land_houseV_2T2 is now enterable. Interior modeled by @Streatman
    New, Added loot positions for new enterable buildings
    New, Added L115 (.338 Lapua Magnum) sniper
    New, Added L85 attachments totaling 24 variants, new models by @Streatman
    New, SVD scope attachments can now be removed, new models by @Streatman
    New, Added basic server-side authentication to hive object creation/deletion for improved security
    New, Added option to toggle status icons in "Game Options" menu and via F3 hotkey

    Fixed, Stashes no longer need etool to upgrade they now use shovel.
    Fixed, Wall maintenance mode again ;-)
    Fixed, Removed floating flame for missing Cherno docks fire barrel
    Fixed, Character sometimes duping when morphing skins during combat (after a humanity change).
    Fixed, Public variable value kick when exiting a vehicle near a base object.
    Fixed, Updates to humanity and player stats after a skin change not always saving in hive (server_getDiff)
    Fixed, Blocked another A2OA script execution bug from improperly cleared eventhandlers
    Fixed, Missing shadows on some _DZ weapons. Thanks @Streatman
    Fixed, Loot not spawning at Gvozdno POI barracks
    Fixed, Reverted a change to damage handling that was causing legs to break twice as often.
    Fixed, Zombies should no longer get stuck at the position where a player entered a vehicle.
    Fixed, Fresh spawns running on login if they died while running
    Fixed, Death camera height incorrect when player dies above terrain level

    Updated, Added Priority to building actions, Should keep disassembly on the bottom of the action list.
    Updated, Chance system for BreakinIn, ChopWood, mineStone to run only once rather than each loop
    Updated, Increased the coverage angle of headlights on land vehicles and added a headlight to the bicycle
    Updated, The huey searchlight and gunner seat now have improved visibility in first person view.
    Updated, AH6, removed camera and computer, added search light and fixed animation source turret errors
    Updated, Stashes have new lods to reduce the visibility at range.
    Updated, Lowered build requirements for level 4-6 walls (1 screw in place of 2)
    Updated, Military and MilitarySpecial loot
    Updated, MilitarySpecial to spawn L115 0.1 chance
    Updated, EU Crashsite to spawn L115 0.5 chance
    Updated, EU2 AmmoBox to spawn L115 ammo
    Updated, ItemScrews chances (Updated, Construction chance to 4 from 1.5, Updated, Industrial chance to 3 from 1.5,Added, Supermarket chance 3).
    Updated, Zombies should run more direct to players now.
    Updated, Added prevention for a dupe involving disconnect and change clothes
    Updated, Reverted PVDZ_sec_atp logs to human readable form for server admins
    Updated, Player is no longer set in combat for throwing a flare or chemlight

    Removed, Server control panel, because it is abused by players and not currently used by admins
    Removed, Tent Ghost objects for better placement during hiding.
    Removed, PoliceCar due to model errors

    Known issues:

    Ladder directions are wrong in Land_Mil_House
    ATC and hospital have lights on top and on the soda machines


    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

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