Server Changelog

  • Official Desolation Redux Update v0.3.2

    Client Files Changelog v0.3.2

    Added: Localization for dsr_ui config
    Added: Name/Init/Damage attributes to EditMapConfig function
    Added: Book 1
    Added: Fuel Barrel as buildable item
    Added: dsr_ammo_base & dsr_magazine_base classes
    Added: cfgBuildables and cfgVehicleParts to stringtables

    Fixed: Magazine .hpp file names

    Tweaked: Damage is now stored into vehicle parts as ammo
    Tweaked: UI HUD Icons
    Tweaked: Ducttape updated to A3 version
    Tweaked: A3 objects moved to own config file

    Removed: Oilrig/NuclearTower buildings
    Removed: dsr_tire_part

    Server Files Changelog v0.3.2

    Added: Weapon progress level now effects weapon handling.
    Added: New animations for drinking and eating.
    Added: Ability to block building on marker areas. (Marker name's has to be: "BlockedBuildingArea_0","BlockedBuildingArea_1",etc...).
    Added: Eating coocked meat now increases your blood level.
    Added: Bans, Kicks, and other AntiCheat warning messages are now stored to built in log and .rpt.
    Added: Added warning message if libredex.dll is not found!
    Added: AI Markers to AdminTools
    Added: Improved anticheat and added new features like TP check!
    Added: "tacs_bacpacks" addon to mission.sqm files.
    Added: Knife to loot tables.
    Added: Ability to disable spawnpoint selection menu. (When false unit will be spawned to a random zone).
    Added: Player stance and grass now effects the distance on zombie agro.
    Added: VehicleManager uses now .hpp files for configs.
    Added: Server password and load id are now sent in initServer as params.
    Added: New function: BASE_fnc_editString.
    Added: Ability to toggle autoRefuel from fuel pumps.

    Fixed: Required items are now checked before the repair/remove/.etc starts.
    Fixed: Player rating goes to positive when in a vehicle. (This way other players can get in, in the same vehicle)
    Fixed: Ability to melee zombies.
    Fixed: PluginManager's "Get" functions are now more user friendly. Also wiki for most functions are updated!
    Fixed: Removed old "dsr_ports" and "dsr_flashlight" addons from chernarus mission.
    Fixed: Animations for drinking and eating.
    Fixed: Timings in doAnimation functions.
    Fixed: DesoDB/ApmsDB no longer spams rpt when killing player with no uid.
    Fixed: Display of amount of spawned Vehicles.
    Fixed: Animal group size when despawning, is now saved correctly.
    Fixed: Ability to remove owned base buildings.
    Fixed: Airdrop message is now displayed when crate has been dropped.
    Fixed: Vehicle has no longer backpacks in it's inventory when spawned via admin menu.
    Fixed: Removed ability to lock watercathments and fireplaces.
    Fixed: On spawn player no longer changes unit! (now "player" script can be used in initClients)
    Fixed: Improved GlitchPunisher!
    Fixed: Fixing bikewheel uses now bikewheel instead of car wheel.
    Fixed: Updated southzagoria map as chernarus_2035.
    Fixed: Canceling building works correctly.

    Tweaked: Unit data is now set in DB_fnc_loadPlayer.
    Tweaked: Toolbox is no longer required when using tire repairkits.
    Tweaked: Locations are now created on client start function.
    Tweaked: Setup fresh unit loadout is now done performed by client.
    Tweaked: Changed DesoDB plugin name as ApmsDB
    Tweaked: All ai.s will not attack players.
    Tweaked: Zombie ratings are now -10k when spawned to make ai.s shoot them.
    Tweaked: Updated "Death Message" and "Unconscious" text type and font.
    Tweaked: DS_var_inCombat returns now false instead of null when not in combat.

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