Experimental Update 1.08

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    Hallo Überlebende,

    Es wurde ein neues experimentelles Update 1.08 veröffentlicht.

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    • Added: Sporter 22 and its attachments
    • Added: Lighter
    • Added: Frying Pan
    • Added: Direct cooking slots on the oven and indoor stove (allows to place both pots/pans or food directly)
    • Added: Cooking equipment, kindling and fire fuel can now be used to create a fireplace at the indoor stove or fireplace
    • Added: Items can now be attached directly to the fireplace
    • Added: Interactive indoor stove
    • Added: SKVSCh Biatlon Arena location to Chernarus
    • Added: Saint Roman ski resort location to Chernarus
    • Added: New car wrecks on Chernarus, spawning vehicle parts
    • Added: Character sounds for running out of breath
    • Added: Storage containers (barrels, crates, chests,..) can now be destroyed by explosions, gunfire and melee damage
    • Added: Tents, watchtowers and fences can be destroyed by explosions, gunfire and melee damage
    • Added: Tents, watchtowers and fences can be repaired using tools and materials
    • Added: Ruined containers and tents will drop their contents onto the ground
    • Added: Canopy Tent along with color variants
    • Added: Color variants for the Medium Tent
    • Added: Server info in the In-Game menu (PC - can be switched off in the options menu)
    • Added: Ability to pull dead bodies out of vehicles


    • Fixed: A game crash related to base building
    • Fixed: Server errors related to throwing
    • Fixed: Several optimizations when it comes to building collisions
    • Fixed: Several map issues on Chernarus and Livonia
    • Fixed: An exploit to look through walls abusing the compass
    • Fixed: Loading internal magazines of weapons did not work across multiple stacks of ammunition
    • Fixed: No sound was played when skinning something with the machete
    • Fixed: Bottles and canteens are now spawning with random amounts of water in them
    • Fixed: Sounds weren't played when filling up a bottle or canteen at a well, lake or gas station
    • Fixed: Repositioning the cable reel could break the hand slot and cause desynchronization
    • Fixed: The flashbang could cause a permanent Tinnitus effect when hit by multiple flashbangs in short succession
    • Fixed: The windows of the large tent could not be interacted with when the camo net was attached
    • Fixed: Switching to a heavy item while in throwing stance could freeze the character
    • Fixed: The character was not forced to stand up when switching from a one-handed to a heavy item in hands, causing animation glitches
    • Fixed: Horticulture: Water/Plant/Fertilize actions would still be shown after they were already executed
    • Fixed: Reloading immediately after shooting with the Repeater would sometimes not work
    • Fixed: Starting to shoot during firearm melee could cause extremely rapid firing
    • Fixed: When waking up from unconsciousness in a car, the player could be teleported to an unspecified location
    • Fixed: Characters had misplaced items in hand and were stuck in sitting position after becoming unconscious while entering a vehicle
    • Fixed: It was possible to drive a car with a dead battery
    • Fixed: The player can now remove car attachments while another player is sitting in the vehicle
    • Fixed: It was possible to get out of vehicles too close to walls
    • Fixed: A limping character was unable to enter the shooting gallery in amusement parks
    • Fixed: Swapping light and heavy items while prone could glitch animations
    • Fixed: It was possible to light a fire with an empty matchbox
    • Fixed: Trying to chamber an already loaded weapon could break the weapon
    • Fixed: Rotation of human meat when attached on the long stick
    • Fixed: Switching your item in hands while placing would create false holograms
    • Fixed: Some environmental actions could be triggered regardless of height difference
    • Fixed: The fireplace could be ignited under water
    • Fixed: Igniting kindling would create the resulting fireplace right under the player
    • Fixed: It was possible to destroy the barrel fireplace by using bury ashes action
    • Fixed: Burying ashes was possible on concrete surfaces
    • Fixed: Fireplace effects (particles, sounds) were not cleaned up on clients when the fireplace leaves the network bubble
    • Fixed: Water boiling effects were stuck on the cooking pot, even when water boiled off
    • Fixed: Cooking equipment effects were present even when the fireplace went out
    • Fixed: Damage materials for barrels and fire barrels were not applied properly
    • Fixed: Watchtower top roof did not have collisions
    • Fixed: Items could not be placed on the upper watchtower levels
    • Fixed: The watchtower was not producing the right footstep sounds
    • Fixed: When a gate with barbed wire attached was opened, the damage would still be applied at its original position
    • Fixed: Ruined Barbed Wire could be mounted on a fence
    • Fixed: Traps are now also triggered by animals and infected
    • Fixed: Sun shaft effect was not present over the course of the day
    • Fixed: Character desynchronization when a player would log in close to a player who is taking an item into hands at that moment
    • Fixed: It was not possible to take an item from the hands of a dead player
    • Fixed: After committing suicide, the tools used was desynchronized and could not be interacted with
    • Fixed: Several synchronization issues related to the inventory, Quickbar and slot reservation
    • Fixed: Several character issues when going unconscious while swimming
    • Fixed: Issues with the ladder in the lighthouse
    • Fixed: The character could get stuck in the climbing animation when attempting to leave the ladder (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T135669, https://feedback.bistudio.com/T150616)
    • Fixed: The infected would not follow the player on the harbor pier
    • Fixed: Faulty hit registration when hitting multiple components within the same damage zone
    • Fixed: The player was able to open their inventory during the surrender gesture
    • Fixed: Dried zucchini was missing textures
    • Fixed: Several localization issues
    • Fixed: Heavy items could be stacked to float in the air


    • Changed: Hold breath sway pattern behavior
    • Changed: Hold breath stamina consumption is now non-linear

    • Changed: Fireplace ignition action won't show up if the conditions to light a fire are not met (too wet or windy)
    • Changed: Fireplaces under exterior roofs will ignore rain and wind factors
    • Changed: The stone oven is immune to rain and wind effects
    • Changed: Items in fireplace cargo will get damaged and eventually removed when fireplace burns
    • Changed: The fireplace stone circle is no longer built automatically and also cannot be carried with stones attached
    • Changed: Fireplace bark slots merged into one bark slot
    • Changed: The fireplace with a stone circle has a lifetime of 2 days, the stone oven lasts 7 days (refreshed by interacting with it)
    • Changed: Reduced fireplace tripod inventory size and visuals
    • Changed: The barrel fireplace can be ignited anywhere except in water, but can douse when it is raining
    • Changed: The fireplace barrel can now be carried after the fire went out (can be carried with ashes)
    • Changed: Tent windows, walls and windows have their state persistent over server restarts
    • Changed: barrels and fire barrels have their lid state persistent over server restarts
    • Changed: Splitting 1 large stone produces 3 small stones
    • Changed: Wringing out clothing now dries clothing faster (one level per circle)
    • Changed: Bark requires less size in the inventory
    • Changed: Wooden Crates can now be dismantled
    • Changed: Ruined items can not receive attachments or items into their cargo
    • Changed: Combination of items also calculate health of the final stack
    • Changed: Improved vehicle stability in closed spaces during the spawn (server restart)
    • Changed: Vehicle brake power is now increased over time instead of instantly
    • Changed: It should now be easier to find action-widgets on base building objects
    • Changed: Disabled the crafting of the spear for now
    • Changed: The temperature tool-tip label no longer shows the accurate temperature in the inventory (rounding applied)
    • Changed: The escape menu no longer opens automatically after death in multiplayer
    • Changed: When a player is aware of their own blood type, it gets automatically added to blood bags the player fills with his own blood
    • Changed: Performance optimization for the Watchtower
    • Changed: The wooden logs of the fence/watchtower base can be dismantled regardless of the direction
    • Changed: The destroy action has been disabled on all relevant tools because of balance reasons (but remains functional for modding)
    • Changed: Barbed wire attachment slots for the Fence and Watchtower were moved to the material pile inside (rather than left outside)
    • Changed: Updated the textures of several farm/industrial objects (better resolution and visuals)

    • Changed: Rain drop sounds are now played on player-made tents
    • Tweaked: The fireplace cannot be ignited in interior space with a ceiling height of below 5 meters
    • Tweaked: Fireplace values for ignition, heating, cooling, fuel consumption
    • Tweaked: Fireplace objects (except fire barrel) are now indestructible (to be tackled in a future update)
    • Tweaked: The Stone Oven requires 16 large stones to be built, the stone circle 8
    • Tweaked: When creating the Stone Oven, the opening now faces the player
    • Tweaked: Crafting of the fireplace barrel takes longer and damages the knife more
    • Tweaked: Reduced the inventory size of lard
    • Tweaked: Reduced the inventory size of small stones
    • Tweaked: It was possible to break down the ash tree like a regular bush
    • Tweaked: Plum and Pear can now be attached to the long stick
    • Tweaked: Increased crafting cost of the Wooden Crate
    • Tweaked: Particles for boiling water are now raising slower and less vertical
    • Tweaked: Cooking on the long stick is now disabled for the barrel fireplace (new direct cooking slots on top of the barrel are available instead)
    • Tweaked: Particles of the indoor fireplace (primarily to address clipping with surroundings)
    • Tweaked: Collisions on fence/watchtower lower walls, making the shooting/aiming behind them easier
    • Tweaked: combination lock will drop when important parts of the gate are destroyed
    • Tweaked: The player swings the carp now when attacking with it
    • Tweaked: Improved texture compression for reduced file size
    • Tweaked: Reduced noise of the MKII
    • Tweaked: Collisions of the medium tent (to allow easier entrance and exiting)
    • Removed: Attachments slot for books in the fireplace inventory
    • Removed: Fake inventory attachment slot for the spare wheel in the Olga 24
    • Removed: Stacking of small and large stones outside of the fireplace


    • Added: New usage flag "Lunapark" in the CE
    • Changed: Personal night light is by default deactivated


    • Added: Ability to set aimChange for non-player entities
    • Added: 3rd person camera solver - ability to set ignore entity to camera result
    • Added: Possibility to add a scripted command for animals and infected
    • Added: Ability to register animation settings for items by modders (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T150316)
    • Added: Central Economy mission files modding (details at https://community.bistudio.com…omy_mission_files_modding)
    • Added: Scriptable JSON Api + object for JSON struct packing/expanding

    • Added: Exposed pathgraph functions (FindPath, RaycastNavMesh) and constant into scripts
    • Added: New method for creating objects CreateObjectEx (check script comments for details). We recommend to use this instead of the old CreateObject
    • Fixed: Spawning projectiles fired by non-player entities (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T149517)
    • Changed: Vehicle camera is now telling to collision solver which entity should be ignored
    • Changed: Curl core refactored to RestApi due to future compatibility

    • Changed: Tents can now be re-textured using hidden selections

    • Changed: JsonApi extended by more types + array + onstack functionality

    • Changed: ScriptSampleNavmeshPosition can use PathGraph filter now
    • Tweaked: Lifetime values of the fireplace stone circle and stone oven are now in the fireplacebase class
    • Tweaked: Sun shaft appearance is now tied to the through parameter in weather config classes
    • Tweaked: The value of the through parameter for each weather classes in the config (sun shaft effect appearance)
    • Tweaked: Changed model center and rotation of various food and drink items

    • Tweaked: GetSteamPosition() moved into MiscGameplayFunctions
    • Removed: Obsolete LightItemOnFire recipe
    • Removed: Obsolete ActionIgniteFireplace and CAContinuousTimeIgnite classes
    • Removed: Obsolete class CAContinuousTimeBuryAshes
    • Removed: Cleanup of the graphics.pbo from un-used data
    • Removed: Main menu NewsFeed layouts, textures and image sets
    • Removed: Obsolete script files / car classes


    • After updating your servers to the new version, it is highly recommend to restart the server once more to verify that changes to the base building system get updated properly
    • As part of a fix, the stairs on platforms connected to base fences will have switched sides
    • Existing containers will spawn badly damaged
    • The Large Tent can currently be destroyed easier than intended


    • Offizieller Beitrag

    QoL improvements, bugfixes

    Upon diving into the fireplace code, lot of stuff came up as not really working or finished unfortunately. So lot of attention was put to the QoL part and bugfixes. Some things worth mentioning:

    • Attach (and for some cases also detach) action was added to all fireplace-relevant items to reduce use of the inventory.
    • You can now interact with items that were put into the cargo of the fireplace, but they receive overtime damage, eventually resulting in a complete removal.
    • Lifetimes of fireplace were overhauled (2 days for one with stone circle, 7 days for stone oven and all indoor fireplaces). Barrel fireplace remains on 45 days.
    • Tripod has been resized visually and also in the inventory.
    • All relevant fireplace items can be used to create indoor fireplaces (instead of going through the creation of a fireplace kit).
    • Fire ignition conditions were brought back to life (interior limitations, weather,..). Making fire making more immersive.
    • Stone oven could douse by rain or wind.
    • Fire barrel crafting takes more time and damages knife more. Additionally, it can be carried after fire has been created in it and went out.
    • Bark kindling slot has been unified.
    • Visual and sound effects for fireplace/cooking were often to cleaned up properly (resulting in multiple effects over each other or ghosts).

    Indoor stove

    While the fire ignition restrictions have been put back in place (veterans may remember “its not safety” message), worry not as 1.08 is adding a new fireplace type – Indoor Stove. You may have seen this in several houses already, but now it is finally something you can use. Work just like the regular open indoor fireplace, except it only has one cooking slot and gives much less light in the room.


    Direct cooking slots

    Many of you probably got into a situation of looking at the fireplace you just started, food in your hands and a metal grill in the fireplace. Wondering why cant you just place it and cook it. Well, wonder no more, direct cooking slots allow you to do just that.


    Replacing the original cooking equipment slots, this feature allows you to cook food directly without the need of cooking equipment while also retaining the option to also attach regular cooking equipment with the cooking mechanics that you are used to already.

    If you are experienced survivor, living in the wilderness or within the safety of your base, you will probably welcome the stone oven and fire barrels, because they can have up to 3 direct cooking slots. This means you can even put 3 cooking pots on top of it. Speaking of cooking pot, frying pan was finally brought back in the game alongside a handy lighter for the cases, when you just cant find any matches.


    If you are struggling to survive, look around for houses with indoor fireplaces. While open interior fireplace (with metal grill) has 2 slots and the metal plate on indoor stove 1 slot, the value of staying in the interior (cover from weather elements) already makes this an obvious choice for anyone.


    And while you are at it, make sure to drop the meat on grill or plate and just listen to the cooking sounds. That alone makes this feature extra immersive!


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    Externer Inhalt www.youtube.com
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  • Neues Raiden von Wänden nur mit Granaten und oder viel Ballerei, das klingt genial. Das hört man dann ja mitunter Meilenweit, einfach genial.

    Ob man weiterhin eine Zange für den Stacheldraht braucht oder ob der auch zerschiessbar ist wäre interessant.

  • Vom Hochjagen der Wände hab ich schon gelesen. Aber wird die Wand komplett zerstört, so dass der Weg frei ist, oder bleibt das Grundgerüst erhalten und man kann z.B. durchschießen? Wurde aus Bohemias Beschreibung nicht ganz schlau...

    Das Video oben klärt es auch nicht zu 100% auf, weil er dann aufhört, wenn die Bretter weggeballert sind. Außer bei den Granaten am Schluss, da scheint tatsächlich auch Grundgerüst wegzufliegen.

  • Wenn das wirklich so ist, dann ist das aus meiner Sicht total der Gamebreaker... Baseraider werden einfach nachts, wenn niemand den Lärm wahrnimmt, alles wegbomben und reinspazieren.

  • wird sicher zeitnah eine mod geben die das verhindert. Als raidsystem viel zu simpel und in meinen Augen für gdz u d generell nicht zu gebrauchen.

    Vanilla sind base so schon sinnlos und das ist ein Feature das keiner wirklich braucht.

    Daher brauchen wir uns da denke ich keine Sorgen machen.

    • Offizieller Beitrag

    Version: 1.08.153154 (release date 04 Jun 2020)


    • Fixed: Setup of the damage zones for the Large Tent
    • Fixed: Existing containers HPs now reset as intended (no longer stay badly damaged if loaded from the old version)
    • Fixed: Items in containers that can be carried within the players' inventory had contents disappearing after reconnect
    • Fixed: Various issues with weapons becoming unusable after performing an action and interrupt the action at the same time
    • Fixed: The crafting action for the stone knife was not removing the other stone
    • Fixed: Specialized bullets could in certain situations be transformed into standard rounds
    • Fixed: Tactical gloves were positioned at the players' feet when held in hands


    • Changed: The Land Mine now explodes when destroyed (regardless of the armed state)
    • Changed: Ballistic properties of metal walls on the fence/watchtower to be much better at protecting against projectiles passing through
    • Tweaked: Some grenades will no longer get deleted immediately when they run out of gas
    • Tweaked: The "Open Store"-button in the DLC description now opens the store even when already owning the DLC
    • Tweaked: Tents can now also be repaired with the sewing kit



    • Added: HumanCommandVehicle::KeepInVehicleSpaceAfterLeave function


    • Damage application from explosives on objects such as tents or base building objects is not working as intended and could cause some differences in between the state of the object and its visual state
  • Ich frag mich auch, was Bohemia sich bei den Änderungen gedacht hat..

    Alle Container zerstörbar.. Wände etc.. wirfst ne Granate in die Base,, und alles weg .. yeah ..

    A heedless and harrowing future is developing
    For our generation and generations to come.

    But as I walk the chartered streets of this familiar oblivion,
    I recognise nothing but unyielding unconsciousness;
    In which we have almost comfortably drowned.

    It is madness
    This normality is madness!

  • Habt Ihr die Geisterfässer mal gehört?

    Wenn in der nähe nen Fass war, hab ich das Deckel öffnen/schlissen Geräusch alle paar Sekunden gehört.

  • Ich finde die Idee interessant ich vermische das mal mit meinen Wünschen, können eure Clans überhaupt genug Material zum Raiden anderer grossen Basen aufbringen jeden Abend?

    Besonders wenn ihr selber mal mehrere eurer Basen verliert?

    1x Holzwand circa 240 Kugeln eines beliebigen Kalibers, Kaliber und Entfernung bestimmen aber ob Personen hinter der Wand schaden bekommen.

    1x Metallwand 480Kugeln

    4 Basenringe zum Loot = 960Kugeln bis 1920Kugeln. Und dann lass jenen Klan mal keine Munition in ihrer Trap Base haben =),

    dann müsst ihr erstmal Spielen und Looten gehen wenn ihr morgen wieder Raiden wollt.

    Es macht das Spiel fairer weil jeder die Chance hat mit genug Material eine Basis zu raiden, und jeder kann sich einen Raid zum Ziel setzen ohne das es zu leicht ist und ohne das es nur die grossen können, wie auf manchen servern wo man c4 braucht aber normalos einfach nie die materialien dafür finden.

    Sollte das einbrechen immer noch zu leicht sein, könnte man machen das pfosten extra zerschossen werden müssen, und das der stacheldraht dran bleibt bis die weg sind (140Schuss extra) oder man 1x 100% Zange benutzt um Stacheldraht abzubauen, keine normale demontage von innen möglich.

    Ich bin kein Fan von Mods die Leuten das Raiden von Basen oder das Spawnen von Items nur zu bestimmten Uhrzeiten erlauben, weil das viele Spieler die einfach zu anderen Zeiten aktiv sind das Gameplay beschneidet.

    Es gäbe aber Mods die machen das Basenteile von 0Uhr bis 18Uhr keinen Schaden nehmen, dann wären Basenkriege etwas besonderes am Abend.

    Dann würde ab 18Uhr auf dem Server überall auf der Karte nur noch wildes rumgeballer sein.

    Edit: Wenn ich meine Basis in Chernarus City habe und ihr ballert da 1000 mal rum, ich will nicht wissen was ihr für eine Zombiehorde damit anlockt.

    Edit2: Neue Info, man kann auch 140 mal mit dem Messer oder der Axt draufhauen um es zu zerstören.

    Wielange so ein Messer hält liegt dan natürlich am Server, wa ja bei Livonia Open beta auch das ein worn Messer nach circa 20 Schlag ruiniert war.

    Wenn der verschleiss natürlich entfernt wird, kannst du mit einem Messer und klebeband auf der Maus still und leise einbrechen.

    Das liegt dann halt am balancing des ganzen.

    Aber mit anderen Worten: Basenteile haben nun Health Points HP und das ist etwas geniales.

    3 Mal editiert, zuletzt von Noach ()

  • Sry aber absolut nicht umsetzbar bzw deine Denkweise in der Sache geht in eine komplett andere Richtung.

    1. Fair is das mal null. Deine Idee stärkt nur die großen Gruppen. Je größer meine Gruppe ist umso mehr kann ich sammeln und umso leichter tu ich mir wie eine Heuschrecke über die Karte zu marschieren und eine Base nach der anderen zu knacken. Bin ich dann auch noch Bautechnisch in der Lage ein schleusensystem zu errichten will ich sehen wie ein Spieler mit knapp 1000 Schuss rumläuft

    Dann muss man erst noch schauen wie dieses System funktioniert. Hat die Wand eine HP zahl oder kommt es auf die Anzahl der Kugeln an. Acp oder kleinkaliber findet man wie Sand am Meer falls es an die Anzahl geht. Und wenn die Wand eine HP hat dann reichen auch schon nur wenig Schuss mit großen Kalibers. Das System ist null Balanciert für mod Server.

    2. Finden Raids somit automatisch immer nachts statt wenn die Spielerzahl gering ist

    3. Gibt es für die Waffen Schalldämpfer was dein Lautstärke Problem zu nichte macht.

    Einmal editiert, zuletzt von Fetel ()

  • also ighbhsbe nur die Hälfte gelesen, weil was du sagst und das als Fair zu bezeichnen????

    Wenn mit deiner Weise würdest du alle Einzel Spieler vom Server verbannen und auch die, die nicht jeden Tag 7 Std in dieses Spiel stecken können .....

    Und ja 1000 Schuss ist nicht so viel wenn du überlegst was der gegenüber an Material haben muss und 4 Ringe zu bauen ....

    Also kurz gesagt kompletter Mist......

    Eine Base die save ist ist save und fertig ......da heißt es abcampen und tagelang warten oder eben weiter ziehen das ist fair

  • bitte geilt euch nicht zu sehr an bex seinen Ideen auf. Ähnlich wie ich, hat er immer mal paar andere Ansichten oder ideen.

    Er spielt aber eigentlich nur noch vanilla und daher ist die Aussagekraft eher eingeschränkt.

    Und jetzt bitte keine Diskussion das der survival zu einfach ist wegen zu viel Stam :P

    Hier geht es um die 1.08. Die base noch unsafer zu machen ist natürlich Quatsch, aber bi weiß ja das die com Server sich sowieso ihr eigenes Spiel machen und das die modder nun die eigentliche Arbeit leisten. Es wird sicher einzustellen gehen das die Wände nicht zerstört werden kennen, notfalls über eine mod.

    Denke wir sind mit unsere bau und "raidsystem" zwar eher die Ausnahme, aber der Großteil der com ist damit zufrieden das sie safe basen haben auf einem pvp Server.

    Bitte aber mit der 1.08 die cabin entfernen.