• A few days ago I woke up on a very strange coast. I didn't remember who am I. I don't understand where I am. I could not pronounce any word, I didn't know how to do it, my mind didn't understand what was real or not. Was I dead and became a ghost? Is it a hallucination? But ..... I knew these horrible feelings. Too familiar to me.

    I saw a lonely house with a lot of bodies, one of them was alive .... I thought so. Those people were pressed by other burnt bodies, grumbling and trying to get out of their "dead cargo". Alive people? As I got closer, I saw ... I saw their dead eyes. Not alive. They were living dead. Any fear I felt, and that was the main question now. Why? I was frightened by the fearless. At that moment I heard some voices in the house, I stood behind. The language was very familiar, but I do not understand a single word. In the small dark kitchen were two men in military uniforms joking and laughing. Maybe they were my friends, they were relaxed by bodies that wanted to catch a piece of their flesh? Usually things?

    No, I'm too suspicious .... I didnt need help and contact before I remember what had happened to me. The sunset showed the root, which I decided to disappear from this meeting next to green forest. Hours and hours.

    I had only note and a pencil in my pocket. And when the sun died today, I stopped under tree and became to write my new biography, I can only write words in this language, I did not understand such behavior of my mind. maybe with a lot of mistakes, but who doesn't care when the world is dead.

    I woke up the next morning with a pencil in my hand under a huge tree, yesterday it seemed bigger. I saw some that night, sure it was in dream, I saw bits of my past. Only pieces. And now I have more questions.

    When I saw my friends in military clothes, they called me a "HOBO." What does it mean? So, I watched death before, I knew walking dead souls ... I have seen their eyes. That's why I wasn't afraid yesterday. And the main fact of my awakening was a tattoo on my right arm: "HOBO", and at the top "UA SPECIAL FORCES", and only two words with Cyrillic letters - "ЗДОХНИ ПЕРВІЙ". but now I need something to eat .... The zero day of my survival has just begun