A19.4 stable!

  • A19.4 Highlights are:

    • Fat Hawaiian HD makes his debut in A19
    • A new ambient sound system with new content
    • The fix for the bed shared by everyone, at least nobody had to freeze!
    • The long awaited fix for AP rounds
    • A command to disable cursor snapping when using the gamepad, see if you like it!


    • New ambient sound system and content
    • Add focused block to DebugShot
    • Command line argument "-disablecursorsnapping" to disable cursor snapping when using gamepad


    • Disabled Christmas themed loot items
    • Enabled new skin for fat zombie
    • Store electronics_01 chest is now unlocked


    • Falling Debris Entities Cause Rapid Damage during Fall-Duration
    • AP rounds not working as expected
    • Explosions on a bed changes everyones spawnpoint to that bed
    • Many of the ground textures are flickering
    • Removed remnant blocks in business_old_06
    • Writable Storage Box does not have label on bottom side
    • Block palletBrownBoxesTile has an intact bottom cap
    • Imposter for business_old_06 is now properly updated
    • NRE when interacting with junk sledge or turret spawned from debugmenu no longer occurs
    • Previous Tab / Next Tab keys does now work while in vehicle
    • Gamepad now steers exclusively with the left thumb stick
    • Achievement for broken leg now triggers
    • Updated item names to support achievement

    Quelle: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23828-a194-stable/

    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

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