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    Hello Survivors,

    Update 1.16 is on the way and we thought this would be a good time to outline some of our plans for 2022. You’ll be happy to know that we are committed to supporting DayZ throughout 2022 and will continue to release frequent updates that include a healthy balance of fixes, stability, balancing, and new content.

    As we mentioned at the end of last year, Update 1.16 won’t be packed with new features. Instead, we’ve chosen to tackle our backlog of issues and set a firm foundation for our future plans. With that in mind, we’d like to point out that Update 1.16 has entered its experimental phase and we expect its official release to occur on February 15th.

    Just to be clear - we are not wiping with Update 1.16, though we will continue to wipe on a semi-regular basis, depending on loot changes and improvements. More likely than not, Update 1.17 will serve as the first wipe of the year. The reasons for this are purely balance related and we’ll be making all relevant announcements beforehand.


    Zitat von https://dayz.com/article/developer-update/DayZ-in-2022

    As for the rest of the year:

    • Unlike last year, we would like to pay more attention to our official terrains. This is particularly true for Livonia, where we would like to add new points of interest and try to make the environment a bit more interactive.
    • We plan on ramping up our asset production this year. That includes a plan to introduce a variety of utility items to enrich the overall sandbox, as well as providing meaningful tools players can use to interact with each other and the environment.
    • As usual, we intend to offer at least one new firearm with each update. Unlike last year, we’ll be focusing more on civilian firearms this time around, mixing those which were previously included (legacy version) with new ones.
    • We’re in the process of importing the latest version of vehicle simulation from a newer version of our Enfusion engine. We hope this will bring some much-needed stability to vehicle simulation in DayZ and expect to perform some public testing in the coming weeks.
    • We plan on dedicating some time to the control scheme on controllers. This includes adding more sensitivity options and additional VOIP functionalities. Speaking of controls, we also plan on revisiting the way users can bind various gestures to keys.
    • Seasonal events will return this year, which we plan on spicing up with new content and features.
    • Last but not least, we’ll be enriching and expanding upon Hannah’s lore, which has already been introduced in previous DayZ update videos. Both our Publishing and Production departments will be working to support the lore both in-game and through other media.

    We plan on releasing five updates this year, ranging from minor to major. We’ll also be holding four seasonal in-game events. Another thing we’ll be doing is working with our partners and the community to improve and maintain the game’s performance and stability. That includes ensuring, as much as possible, that older generations of hardware are not left behind.

    A couple of final notes. First, we’ll be expanding our team, so if you’re interested in working on DayZ or know someone who is, then make sure to check out our career page. And if you’d like to get your hands on some cool DayZ clothing and accessories, then make sure to head on over to our merch store.

    That’s it for now. Enjoy the new update and we’ll be seeing you again soon.

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