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    Changelog des neuen Exp Update 1.03.151487


    • Added: Belts (Military and Civilian version) with attachments.
    • Added: Wooden Crate (crafted).
    • Added: Hair hiding mechanism to avoid hair clipping.


    • Fixed: Server error while drinking from a well.
    • Fixed: Drinking from wells/pumps with an item in hands.
    • Fixed: Quickbar not being visible despite it being on in HUD settings.
    • Fixed: Items could be rotated even when they were not being dragged.
    • Fixed: Buried containers were unable to dig up.
    • Fixed: Inventory could not be scrolled all the way down.
    • Fixed: Weapon swap animations were not played when switched via Quickbar.
    • Fixed: Weapon dropped by restrained player was unusable.
    • Fixed: Player was not able to type into the chat bar.
    • Fixed: Melee with a one-handed item pushed character forward - allowing to look through walls.


    • Tweaked: Disabled locking of aim while the melee attack is committed.
    • Tweaked: Character statistics in the main menu.
    • Tweaked: Melee damage.
    • Tweaked: Melee armour.

    Added: Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

    Added: NVG can be attached to Tactical Helmet (hold 'L' to switch on/off)

    Added: Universal Flashlight can be attached to Tactical Helmet (press 'L' to switch on/off)


    "Gunter 2"


    Neuer Ladebildschirm:


    DayZ Update 1.03

    wurde heute für die Stable Server veröffentlicht.


    Gunter 2

    The Gunter 2 is a small first generation family hatchback with front wheel drive.



    Selective-fire, integrally suppressed marksmen rifle, fed from a detachable magazine. Compatible with KA scopes, using 9x39mm rounds.


    New & improved weapon attachments

    • Regular and armour-piercing 9x39mm ammunition for the VSS
    • Tracer variants for 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R and .308WIN
    • Baraka sights
    • Backup Iron Sights (BUIS)
    • PSO-1-1 Scope, designed for the VSS rifle
    • Bayonets for KA, M4-A1, Mosin 91/30 and SK 59/66

    Combat features

    • Melee attack with firearms, knocking enemies back


    • Ability to break open locked doors with force


    • The universal light and the new night vision goggles can be attached to the Tactical Helmet


    • Chemlights and the Handheld Transceiver can now be attached to most backpack stripes
    • New belt, able to carry a knife sheath, gun holster, and canteen.


    • Ability to rotate items in inventory
    • Quick bar working in the inventory



    • Added: Chinese localisation
    • Added: Switch on/off for walk modifier ('CTRL' by default)
    • Added: Separated hold breath and walk inputs (both 'CTRL' by default)
    • Added: Erect, crouch and prone inputs (no binds by default)
    • Added: Turn on/off headlight/night vision goggles ('L' press/hold by default)
    • Added: Possibility to change the orientation of items in the inventory (press 'SPACE' while dragging item)
    • Added: New vehicle Gunter 2 with its attachments
    • Added: VSS rifle with its attachments
    • Added: 9x39 ammunition
    • Added: 9x39 armor-piercing ammunition
    • Added: Tracer ammunition (5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .308WIN)
    • Added: Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
    • Added: NVG head strap
    • Added: NVG can be attached to Tactical Helmet (hold 'L' to switch on/off)
    • Added: Universal Flashlight can be attached to Tactical Helmet (press 'L' to switch on/off)
    • Added: Baraka sights
    • Added: Backup Iron Sights (BUIS)
    • Added: PSO-1-1 Scope, designed for the VSS rifle
    • Added: Bayonets for KA, M4-A1, Mosin 91/30 and SK 59/66
    • Added: Firearms Melee Attacks with pistols, buttstocks, and bayonets
    • Added: Hand Saw
    • Added: 4-dial Combination Lock
    • Added: Strawberry Jam
    • Added: Handheld Transceiver and Glow Stick attachments on backpacks
    • Added: Separated erect, crouch and prone inputs
    • Added: Quickbar working in the inventory
    • Added: "You are here" marker on each tourist trail map stand
    • Added: Instead of press, some actions are now triggered by holding 'F' button for a continuous action
    • Added: New optional server.cfg parameter - disablePersonalLight = true/false; which toggles personal light on all connected clients
    • Added: Quantity bar for energy based items and fireplace
    • Added: New 'swayModifier' config param for weapons and their attachment
    • Added: Milliseconds to client/server rpt files
    • Added: check to prevent invalid requests from clients (inventory optimization)
    • Added: Possibility to execute different types of melee hits (expanded melee command to execute stationary melee animations)
    • Added: Character statistics into the main menu
    • Added: Baseball/nailed bat
    • Added: Drop and pickup sound for scopes
    • Added: Sounds for death animations
    • Added: Sounds for suicide animations
    • Added: Lock/unlock sound for doors
    • Added: Sounds for prone animation with a rifle in hands
    • Added: One male and one female character sound set
    • Added: Different character sounds when wearing certain headgear (e.g Combat Gas Mask, Motorbike Helmet)
    • Added: Belts (Military and Civilian version) with attachments.
    • Added: Wooden Crate (crafted).
    • Added: Hair hiding mechanism to avoid hair clipping.


    • Fixed: Server crash when planting seed into a watered garden plot (T138343)
    • Fixed: Server error when crafting torch (T136903)
    • Fixed: Building position updated after the first open/close door action (T137749)
    • Fixed: Issue with flickering lights when there were more than 6 lights in render view (now sorted based on the distance) (T136038)
    • Fixed: Transition between close and distant light is now instant (without dark gap in-between)
    • Fixed: Jammed weapons make shooting sounds for other players
    • Fixed: A crash when looking at the outside terrain from the close-up at certain terrain configurations
    • Fixed: Sea outside of the terrain borders was not rendered when enableTerrainSynth was set to false
    • Fixed: Black dots on a single wooden plank model
    • Fixed: Incorrect visuals for Patrol Pants in 1st resolution LOD
    • Fixed: ClockHour and clockMinute animation sources now synchronize with the accelerated time
    • Fixed: Breath vapour should now properly handle temperatures lower than its lower range threshold
    • Fixed: Torch displaying "pieces" as quantity
    • Fixed: A dropped Road flare now points forward, not always north
    • Fixed: A dropped Flash light now points forward, not sideways
    • Fixed: Universal Light and Pistol Light now face forward when dropped, not sideways
    • Fixed: Corrected texts and animations for digging hidden stash
    • Fixed: Watering a garden slot had no progress bar
    • Fixed: Possible desync issues when using base building actions
    • Fixed: Torch did not update its quantity while not burning when rags were added to it
    • Fixed: Infected can attack player through tent walls
    • Fixed: Weapon fire mode is not saved upon relogging (T137708)
    • Fixed: Infected can hit player character through walls (T138230)
    • Fixed: Equipment window gets cut off on specific resolutions (T128448)
    • Fixed: Loot in infected corpses spawns after a while (T133245)
    • Fixed: Drinking gasoline does not harm your character (T117406)
    • Fixed: Character doesn't go to the crouch position when lying on the back and moving (T138970)
    • Fixed: Lens flares are visible when unconscious
    • Fixed: Server crashed when a session was terminated
    • Fixed: Car/Truck battery was invisible when attached to Battery Charger
    • Fixed: Boxed Headlight Bulb could not be opened
    • Fixed: Player could not drink from pumps with item in hands
    • Fixed: NBC Gloves typo
    • Fixed: Input configuration compatibility problems that would result in the character being stuck in crouch, issues with leaning and holding breath
    • Fixed: Issue in vehicle physics regarding in them appearing twitchy to nearby clients
    • Fixed: Server error while drinking from a well.
    • Fixed: Drinking from wells/pumps with an item in hands.
    • Fixed: Quickbar not being visible despite it being on in HUD settings.
    • Fixed: Items could be rotated even when they were not being dragged.
    • Fixed: Buried containers were unable to dig up.
    • Fixed: Inventory could not be scrolled all the way down.
    • Fixed: Weapon swap animations were not played when switched via Quickbar.
    • Fixed: Weapon dropped by restrained player was unusable.
    • Fixed: Player was not able to type into the chat bar.
    • Fixed: Melee with a one-handed item pushed character forward - allowing to look through walls.


    • Changed: Limit of dynamic lights in render view has been increased to 16
    • Changed: Many fixes and tweaks to the Chernarusplus terrain
    • Tweaked: Ladders on deer stands should be easier to get on
    • Removed: airtemperaturecheck() function removed and its functionality moved to a new modifier breathvapourmdfr.c
    • Changed: Config parameter recoilModifier[2] now used to modify cam offset
    • Tweaked: Minor improvements for the fireplaces
    • Tweaked: Minor improvements for the radial menu
    • Tweaked: Improved Road flare particles
    • Tweaked: Torch no longer illuminates the world during daytime any more
    • Tweaked: Muzzle flash illumination range at night increased from 5m to 15m
    • Tweaked: Improved variability of the muzzle flash particle for the VSD and LAR rifles
    • Tweaked: Improved visibility of the blood splatter particle
    • Tweaked: Smoke particles on weapons
    • Tweaked: Decreased lethal radius of the landmines
    • Changed: Melee refactor
      • targeting related changes, locking of aim when the attack is committed (turning while attacking is not possible now)
      • damaging of vehicles/doors
    • Changed: Extended checking of client-server inventory requests (inventory optimization)
    • Changed: Read and check of file signatures moved to different thread so it won't block the main thread
    • Changed: Checking client signatures on the server is done in multiple frames
    • Changed: Possibility to render proxy objects on creatures
    • Changed: Unified unlocking behaviour for house doors (using Lock pick or brute force)
    • Tweaked: Death darkening not playing when already unconscious
    • Tweaked: Inventory improvements to correctly display more items in the vicinity
    • Tweaked: Inventory icons for bladed weapons, food and drinks
    • Tweaked: Projectiles damage
    • Tweaked: Bleeding sound
    • Tweaked: Distance attenuation for weapons reloads
    • Tweaked: Land Mine activation/explosion sounds
    • Changed: Jumping is disabled when a player is significantly injured
    • Changed: Separated hold breath and walk inputs
    • Tweaked: Disabled locking of aim while the melee attack is committed.
    • Tweaked: Character statistics in the main menu
    • Tweaked: Melee damage
    • Tweaked: Melee armour


    • Fixed: Cast warning spam caused by a modded playerbase class
    • Changed: Greatly optimized RecipeChache, now built automatically on startup (mods no longer require to rebuild it when adding custom recipes)
    • Changed: Loading unpacked mods using -mod= parameter (both game and workbench) no longer requires deprecated mod.cpp, now reads from CfgMods class in config.cpp
    • Added: '-gproj custom.gproj' parameter to workbench for custom selection of gproj files.
    • Changed: Constants are now moddable through modded class
    • Fixed: FPrint crash when writing extremely large strings to file
    • Changed: Increased max file size limit for script created files to 50MB
    • Added: Despawn times for dead bodies of players, infected and animals can now be assigned separately (CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer / CleanupLifetimeDeadInfected / CleanupLifetimeDeadAnimal for globals.xml)
    • Added: Energy Manager - new config parameter convertEnergyToQuantity = true;
    • Added: New script events OnQuantityChanged() & OnAttachmentQuantityChanged(ItemBase item)
    • Added: Human::LinkToLocalSpaceOf & Human::UnlinkFromLocalSpace for character link to different entities
    • Changed: Rework of user action inputs, bringing support to add inputs for user actions and modify input behavior.
    • Changed: Rework of user actions initialization. Set actions have been moved from config to script. The use of multiple mods is now supported by the action system. Reduced number of steps for creating new user actions.
    • Tweaked: User actions selection process and conditions check optimizations


    Also ich find die Einstellung wie bei Onelife sehr gut gewählt. Ein paar Std. Tag und 30min Nacht.

    Dies erweitert meiner Meinung nach die Spielerfahrung, aber irgendwie möchten die meisten DayZ Spieler nur DayOnly, NonStam, Highloot, Trader etc. wenn ich mir die Server alle so anschaue und das Hardcore Survival im Servername führt nur zu wenigen Spielern :/

    Ich habe mir mal alle Antworten angeschaut, ihr habt zwar nette idee aber viele davon sind aktuell nicht umzusetzen bzw. nur mit viel Arbeit möglich.

    Mit Arbeit meine ich zb. diese hier:

    Bulap Sack (~10x) + Nähset = Plane -> Plane (2x) + Nähset/Ledernähset = mittlere Plane -> mittlere Plane + Seil = Zeltset

    Die Idee ist gut aber braucht immer extra erstellten Loot, sprich ein "Plane" Modell sowie ein mittlere "Plane" Modell.

    Möglich, aber viel Arbeit.

    Aber auch zb dies:

    Knicklicht (~15x) + Seil = improvisierte Lichterkette

    Theoretisch einfach aber das Spiel hat ein Problem damit: Knicklichter lassen sich nicht stappeln.

    Deshalb erstmal hier nur kleine Auswahl die für mein Verständnis zu einem besseren Spiel führen können.

    Postet hier gerne weitere Rezepte

    Hier mal noch paar Vorschläge die ich gefunden habe:

    Entschuldigt Dopplungen, ich muss mal das für uns interessante mal zusammenfassen

    CamoNet = 4x Netting + 1x PlantMaterial

    Rope = CamoNet + Knife

    BarbedWire = 1x MetalWire + 10 Nail

    Nails (10x) = 1x MetalWire + Pliers

    Nails (10x) = 1x BarbedWire + Pliers

    PistolSupressor = Pipe + Hacksaw

    Planks (20x) = SeaChest + Hatchet

    ImprovisedFurBackPack = Rope + Pelt

    Tent Kit = Burlapsack / Pelt + 5 sticks

    Shelter = Tent kit + CamoNet

    GhillieSuit + GunWrap Woodland = CamoNet + Rope

    Heute war ein Update-reicher Tag, hoffen wir mal das jetzt alle mit Ihren Updates durch sind und die Probleme wieder auf ein minimum sinken.

    Bitte entschuldigt die Probleme sowie Ausfall-Zeit.

    • 4er Zahlenschloss wieder eingebaut
    • BloodTrail Mod gegen GoreZ Mod ausgetauscht (Ist die selbe Mod, Funktion wurde nur erweitert)
    • Alle Mods aktualisiert
      • Weapon-Redux:
        • New implementation of Blaze95. Uses SKS mechanics for multiple chambering of rounds. Doesnt use snaploader for magazine anymore
        • New implementation of Scout. Uses magazine now

    DayZ hat heute ein Stable Update auf Version 1.01(150505) bekommen! Übersetzung wird folgen.

    New firearms

    With each Platform Update, we're aiming to expand the variety of content available in the game. Our choice for 1.01 were two classic 7.62x39 rifles previously available in the legacy builds: the SK 59/66 and the CR-527, also supported by the re-introduction of the Hunting Scope!

    SK 59/66


    A ten-shot semi-automatic rifle fed from an internal magazine. It is an older model, but still reliable, using 7.62x39mm rounds. Can be equipped with a PU scope and an improvised suppressor.



    A bolt-action hunting rifle, fed from a detachable magazine. It's light-weight and accurate when used at intermediate ranges. Uses 7.62x39mm rounds. Can be equipped with a Hunting Scope and an improvised suppressor.

    Persistence fixes

    Undesirable persistence wipes were definitely among the most annoying issues reported in 1.0. With 1.01, we're introducing a system of Persistence Backups that aims meant to prevent problems with saving of the persistence data on the servers.

    This system will be available to both official and community owned server. We've seen some pretty good results on the Experimental branch so far. In any case, we will still be closely monitoring all incoming reports should any loot, bases, or other persistence data get deleted after server crashes/restarts.

    Server Performance Optimizations

    Good server performance is critical to ensure an enjoyable DayZ gameplay experience. In 1.01, our programmers have made some solid progress on that front. Official vanilla servers running at full capacity with 60 concurrent players should no longer be witnessing flying cars and other shenanigans on a regular basis.

    As far as community/modded servers go, please understand that increased player counts may and other modifications to the server setup have significant impact on the server performance, and problems may occur.

    We will continue with further optimisations over the upcoming updates. The most curious of you can take a look at the report on this topic by our Lead Programmer, Mirek Maněna.

    Voice communication improvements

    The voice chat in 1.01 is using a completely new codec that bumps the overall quality of the Voice over Network sound - especially with a high quality microphone. We've also added a mumbling sound filter for players who try to communicate when their speech is restrained with a rag.

    New status indicators & damage tweaks

    As a first step towards balancing the health and damage systems, we've added new icon status indicators that better communicate bleeding damage and the effect of medication (for example, the vitamins will now boost your immune system).

    We've also made some adjustments to the player damage, with the most visible example being the reintroduction of a bleeding damage penalty when walking barefoot. Furthermore, we removed the chance variable for bleeding damage dealt by bullets. Now, every bullet scratch causes bleeding 100 percent of the time.

    TrackIR Support

    TrackIR is a head tracking input device that allows you to use freelook independently from your mouse controls, and 1.01 now fully supports this input method. Popular and proven in Arma, introducing this input method was pretty straightforward for us, so we made that option available already. If you own TrackIR, you'll definitely have some fun when driving around in your ADA!

    50+ other changes and tweaks

    In addition to the highlights, we've introduced over 50 other changes and tweaks that make DayZ a better game. Read the full changelog below!

    Notes on the Update

    • Please verify your game files before playing, including User Data
    • Storage files from the Experimental branch of the game may not be compatible with the Stable branch
    • We recommend a persistence wipe for modded servers.
    • We've done some changes to the VoN Codec, so as server owners, when moving your current Server Config to the new patch, be sure to change your vonCodecQuality = 20



    • Added: SK 59/66
    • Added: CR-527
    • Added: Hunting Scope
    • Added: Recovery backups to deal with data corruption during crashes, and user scheduled backups
    • Added: New stream from Kozlovka to Balota
    • Added: Over time self-closing of bleeding wounds
    • Added: Expanded admin logs (player positions, deaths and received hits)
    • Added: Script versioning to prevent future data incompatibilities
    • Added: Support for TrackIR head-tracking device
    • Added: Support for bullet shells dropping, and new sounds
    • Added: New audio controller for positional sounds, allowing us procedural control number or sound sources on models (Used to reduce number of bird sounds on trees.)
    • Added: Tree stem creak sounds
    • Added: Sounds when dropping items
    • Added: Implemented EQ filter for unconscious state
    • Added: Sound position offset feature to config
    • Added: New sounds for bullet shells dropping
    • Added: Antibiotics can fight diseases
    • Added: Vitamins can boost player's immune system
    • Added: Long torch (made of a long stick and rags)
    • Added: Various severities of bleeding
    • Added: Bleeding from bare feet
    • Added: Status indicators for bleeding and active medicament
    • Added: Masks and headgear provide some level of biological protection
    • Added: Close/open compass animations
    • Added: Voice effects for mumbling when gagged
    • Added: Ctrl + LMB will drop item from container (inventory)


    • Fixed: A server crash when a character with a corrupt inventory tries to connect
    • Fixed: A server crash when a server with a garden plot on it was restarted
    • Fixed: A server crash related to script array manipulation crashes
    • Fixed: A client crash related to script array manipulation
    • Fixed: A client crash related to a light being removed while still in use
    • Fixed: Multitude of environmental issues (missing collisions, sudden LOD changes, hit materials, models adjustments) - as reported in Ticket T136380
    • Fixed: Typos in localization
    • Fixed: Possibility to toggle headlights when both are missing or destructed
    • Fixed: Some actions on target have incomplete action messages
    • Fixed: Crafting improvised suppressor took only 1% from the duct tape
    • Fixed: Landmine not detonating when it becomes ruined while it is armed
    • Fixed: Various IK poses (Stone, Medium Tent, BK-18)
    • Fixed: Chemlights glowing in cargo for 10 seconds
    • Fixed: Animals have no collisions with vehicles
    • Fixed: Shooting through a ruined suppressor did not emit muzzle flash
    • Fixed: Fireplace does not upgrade to stone circle if smaller stacks of stone are used
    • Fixed: Wolves attack animals rather then humans
    • Fixed: Sound sources on trees move with entity during cut down tree action
    • Fixed: SG5-K with compensator uses regular gun shots sounds (used sounds for silencer)
    • Fixed: Sea chest can be put into another sea chest - T135962
    • Fixed: When preforming suicide headgear does not get damaged
    • Fixed: Player's ankles can disappear while wearing Orel police pants
    • Fixed: Bullets are not registered after the weapon was raised close to the wall - as reported in Ticket T136559
    • Fixed: AIs get stuck near obstacles (reduced chance of occurrence)
    • Fixed: Motorbike helmet visually disappears after few steps
    • Fixed: Player gear is teleported to exact place where he logged in after being skinned and quartered - as reported in Ticket T136367
    • Fixed: icons representing ammo are small - as reported in Ticket T136555
    • Fixed: Tactical googles have no texture - as reported in Ticket T135082
    • Fixed: AI walking through ground pipes
    • Fixed: Server crash - as reported in Ticket T134543 + T136323 + T135501
    • Fixed: Server crash when HTTP request does not return OK
    • Fixed: Player might not be killed when shot with 12ga pellet
    • Fixed: Wooden logs get duplicated when building base of Fence and WatchTower
    • Fixed: ADA 4x4 won't stop after driver jumps out of it
    • Fixed: Some clothes cannot be damaged on ground
    • Fixed: Removing the rag from the mouth, make the rag slots smaller
    • Fixed: Temperature measurement has a question mark in the result text
    • Fixed: Players are able to access dismantle action on towers from the outside - as reported in Ticket T136666
    • Fixed: Bullets do not interfere with the player's body when fired through sea water


    • Tweaked: Inventory improvements in the visuals and performance of inventory code, including the
      • addition of hierarchical attachment visualisation,
      • hiding unused attachment categories (greatly uncluttered the Watchtower for example),
      • inclusion of dedicated icons for these categories and overall bugfixes.)
    • Tweaked: Improvements to server performance (central economy, networking and AI)
    • Tweaked: Weapon muzzle attachments now steam during rain while they are hot
    • Tweaked: Weapons animations polishing (animations speed, clipping)
    • Tweaked: Sounds for climbing ladders
    • Tweaked: Sounds for take item in hand action
    • Tweaked: Projectile speed and air friction
    • Tweaked: Rebalanced projectile damage
    • Tweaked: Rebalanced character damage system
    • Tweaked: Rebalanced armor against projectiles
    • Tweaked: Shock damage for projectiles (chance to fall into unconsciousness increased)
    • Removed: Chances for bleeding wounds from projectiles hit
    • Removed: Flickering effect (roadflare)
    • Tweaked: Antibiotics and vitamins only support single use consume action
    • Tweaked: Traps no longer function as melee weapons
    • Tweaked: Hen spawn zone reworked to better fit environment (should not spawn inside industrial and other unnatural areas)
    • Tweaked: Many improvements, tweaks and fixes for ChernarusPlus terrain
    • Tweaked: Improvements to server performance (central economy, remote projectiles are not real)
    • Tweaked: Damage to bare foot for non-roadway surfaces
    • Tweaked: Infected damage system
    • Tweaked: Recoil (KA-M, BK-18, M4-A1,Mosin 91/30 and VSD)
    • Removed: Chance to spawn SG5-K with 15Rnd magazine
    • Updated: Inventory icons (placeholder icons replaced)
    • Tweaked: IK pose for long torch
    • Tweaked: Rangefinder zoom set to 4x
    • Updated: Credits


    • It is currently not possible to drink from certain water sources.
    • When using the in-game text chat, you will not see your own messages. Other players can.
    • 2-handed rifles can only be dragged and dropped via a small piece of their "Equipment" tab icon.
    • A jammed BK-18 cannot be fixed.
    • Official servers may be listed as private or in the Community tab.


    Server wurde auf den Stable Patch 1.01 geupdated.

    Leider gingen die GDZ Items und 4er CombinationLocks, die vor dem Update im Spiel waren, verloren.

    Bis auf die 4fach CombinationLock sowie die Bloodtrail Mod wurden alle Mods und GDZ Funktionen geupdated und sollten wieder funktionieren.

    Solltet ihr Fehler feststellen, meldet uns diese bitte.

    Ich weiß zm jetzt wie es funktioniert und was es für ein Aufwand bedeutet, machbar ist alles. Solange sie auf vorhande Mechaniken bzw. Items aufbauen.

    Die aktuelle Frage ist: was fehlt am meisten, wieviel Zeit möchte man reinstecken und wieviel Nutzen haben die Spieler davon.

    Ein neues Item dauert Tage, ein Rezept aus vorhanden Items nur wenige Minuten, vorhandene Rezepte überarbeiten nur 2 Minuten

    Dehalb habe ich diesen Thread dazu eröffnet um ein ToDo Liste zu finden