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Devblog 164
« am: Freitag, 16.Jun 2017 - 09:46 Uhr »


New sound for the dropbox and mailbox
Added skinwarmup convar (toggles skin steps in loading screen)
Added skin download and processing step to loading screen
Added instancing to foliage displacement pass
Added contact shadows option to graphics quality menu
Consider pitch randomization when calculating sound length
Fixed import settings on airdrop flight sound
Fixed animals spawning a bunch of invisible footprints
Fixed some decals having instancing disabled
Tree colliders count as grounded in the server side player movement checks
Barefoot footstep polish
Misc sound level and mix tweaks
More metal melee impact polish
Updated EAC
Reduced maxrpcspersecond default value to 200
Consumable items try to go straight to belt when picked up
Stackable items prefer item containers that already contain other items of their type when picked up
Added back far terrain mixing on highest shader quality level (600)
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