DayZ 2017 2.1 (benötigt 2.0.1)

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version

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  • Version 2.1 (benötigt 2.0.1)

    Du benötigst zuerst 2.0.1, danach diese Dateien darüber kopieren.

    You need version 2.0.1 first, then place/overwrite with this download

    Official release thread v2.1 and a message from the team
    After months of waiting we bring you our final update to DayZ 2017, version 2.1! This version includes a new functionality, basebuilding, with our own code.…

  • Version 2.0.1

    New Features

    + Sleep and Weight System

    + New UI Icons

    + Fatigue System

    + New Vehicles (Armoured Tractors)

    + New Death Screen

    + New Survivor Spawns

    + Zombies skinned with Survivor skins

    + M16 and M4 - with flashlights

    + Single Bullet Spawns

    + Mosin 38

    + Tokarev Pistol

    + Base Building (Server side)

    + Gore

    + Revised Loot Table (More Rare Loot)

    + New Starter Gear (Flint Fire Starters + Bandage)

    + Crafting (Basic Wooden Bolts currently)

    + New Anti-Combat Logging

    - Medical Boxes

    - Lowered Animal Spawns

    - Blood Bags

    - Matchboxes

    - Lee Enfield

    - 45. Revolver

    - Tank

    - Bugs/ Errors

    - Error Messages on startup (an error message will only appear if someone has spawned a crate or items that are illegal)

  • Version 1.1

    New Features

    * Dead Players / Zeds can be gutted and cooked with detrimental effect on humanity and high chance of infection

    * Zombies Hordes Spawn in Forests

    * Zombies spawn ratios and sensitivty raised.

    * Gyrocopters added (land and water based) - water based can also be used on land.

    * New Female Survivor Model (can wear backpack)

    * New Bandit Model

    * New Hero Model

    * New Tent Model

    * Bus Interior Retextured

    * Added Retextured AN2 Civil

    * Changed Survivor2_DZ to Epic_Beard_Man.

    * Tank Armour Levels Lowered massively.

    * Loot rebalanced (matches more common).

    * Animal Spawn ratios brought back to default.

    Bug Fixes

    * Backpacks can now stow weapons

    * Tank LODS fixed

    * Male Survivor Rvmats Fixed (they now show blood on the models)

    * Various start up errors fixed.

    * Removed Marek_DZ (Medic could self heal)

    * Missing ice_apo_resistancedataus_soldier_sabot_body_wound1.rvmat''

  • Version 1.0